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Page Plus Now Allowing LTE Phones On Its Pay As You Go Plan

Pay As You Go (PayGo for short) plans aren't as popular as they used to be but they can still be a good deal for customers who don't use their phones very much. With PayGo you add money to your account which is used to pay for for service at a fixed rate per minute, message or MB of data used. The unused money in your account will expire unless you "top up" by adding more money before the expiration date.

Page Plus Cellular, a TracFone owned Verizon MVNO, has long offered one of the best PayGo plans. With Page Plus PayGo, the minimum top up is $10 every 120 days. That means you can pay as little as $2.50/month for cell phone service.

For arcane historical reasons, Page Plus has only allowed non-LTE phones to be activated on its PayGo plan. I believe that restriction originally came from Verizon which reportedly charged MVNOs a higher monthly line charge for LTE  capable phones. With Verizon planing to shut down its 2G and 3G networks next year Page Plus has finally started to allow LTE phones on PayGo. Another change is that customers with LTE phones will be charged a flat six cents per minute for calls.  As before, non-LTE phone users will still pay between four and 10 cents per minute based on the size of their top-ups, with larger top-ups getting cheaper minutes. If that sounds confusing here's a table showing all the rates: 

Denomination Price/Minute (4G) Price/Minute (3G) Expiration
$10 10¢ 120 days
$25 120 days
$50 120 days
$80* 1 year
* $80 Top-Ups are only sold by dealers, not by Page Plus

The prices for messages, data and roaming are not changing and are the same for both LTE and non-LTE users:

  • Data 5¢/MB
  • Domestic texts: 5¢/each 
  • Outgoing international texts 20¢ each
  • MMS (picture and group messages) 5¢ plus the cost of data used
  • Domestic roaming 29¢/minute, 5¢/text
  • Roaming in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands: 60¢/minute, 50¢/outgoing text, 25¢/incoming text

Obviously PayGo is not for most users. But if you or a family member uses a a combined total 100 of minutes and texts per month and little or no data, Page Plus PayGo will be one the least expensive available options.

Source: Page Plus Cellular


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  1. "Page Plus Now Allowing LTE Phones On Its Pay As You Go Plan"

    As a customer of a GSM carrier, something like this never gets old to me.

    1. GSM will be obsolete in the near future. It is 3G

  2. The 4g lte per minute rate is .06 for all denominations. I just chatted with Page Plus, there is no more .50 month maintenance fee on the 3g and 4g lte pay go plans anymore.

  3. Can you use tracfone (verizon) LTE phone on pageplus. Do u have buy pageplus sim card kit.too.

  4. the minimum top up is $10 every 90 days. That means you can pay as little as $2.50/month for cell phone service.
    This doesn't make sense.

  5. I think there are a couple of errors in this article.
    1.) "With Page Plus PayGo, the minimum top up is $10 every 90 days."
    should read every 120 days.
    2.) According to the PagePlus website, Price/Minute (4G) = 6¢
    (not 5¢ as written above.)

    1. Both typos have been corrected. Thanks for reporting them.

  6. Gotta love those $50/GB rates.

  7. This would be perfect for my Pixel 2XL. Google Fi on my esim, and PagePlus on my other sim. I switch to PagePlus when I have no service

  8. Can anyone verify that they are being charged the $0.05/mb data rate?

    I swear I was for awhile, and shortly after they switched the call-log to the new system, (that DOESN'T show the amount deducted), It seems I am back up to $0.10/mb.

    Reviewing the information on their OFFICIAL site it states the 5 cents, but when I review dealer pages some show the 10 cent pricing.

    I have this line as a backup phone on a 3g Moto E 1st Gen, that was Pageplus branded. I also get assessed a 5 cent fee when I initiate a balance check via TXT, that is supposed to be a FREE MSG.

    Mainly just curious if these are universal experiences to others with PAYGO accounts, or if it is case-by-case.

    On an unrelated note, a relative gave me their old Galaxy S3 - which was a Verizon retail device. Does this support VoLTE, where I could switch to this when they give the 3g devices the boot?

    1. Universal experience when dealing with a Slime owned Movil brand. Opaque rules / charges, no consistent reliable accurate information from their customer disservice circus. Expect to be misled and ripped off, not if, just when.

      Just don't do America Movil Trashfone brands.

    2. Anonymous 7:19, Verizon sold two versions of the S3:
      The postpaid version, model sch-i535 has a SIM slot and supports LTE (band 13 only).
      The prepaid version sch-i535pp has no SIM slot and no support for LTE.

    3. No, a Galaxy S3 is too old to do VoLTE on Verizon. I think the oldest Samsung Galaxy phone to support VoLTE on Verizon is the Galaxy S5.

  9. Do they let you disable sms on these accounts?

  10. So is Verizon prepaid phone still lock with 6month to year lock.

    1. Verizon will also unlock its prepaid phones if you apply $75 - $150 (the amount is stated on the phone package) in airtime.

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