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Twigby Makes Changes to its Monthly Plans

Twigby Makes Changes to its Monthly PlansSprint MVNO Twigby has increased the amount of data included with all of its plans. Un addition the number of minutes included with the $9 plan has been increased from 200 to 300.

Twigby is currently running a promotion that gives new customers a 25% discount for the first six months. With today's changes in place, Twigby's plans are listed below. The price in parentheses includes the 25% discount on the first six months for new customers:

Starting Monthly Minutes

  • $9 ($6.75) per month plan ($6.75) - includes 300 minutes (Previously 200 minutes)
  • $11 ($8.25) per month plan - includes 500 minutes
  • $13 ($9.75) per month plan - includes 1000 minutes
  • $15 ($11.25) per month plan - includes unlimited minutes

Starting Monthly Data
  • $3 ($2.25) per month - includes 200 MB of data (Previously 150 MB)
  • $6 ($4.50) per month - includes 600 MB of data (Previously 500 MB) 
  • $10 ($7.50) per month - includes 2 GB of data (Previously 1 GB)
  • $15 ($11.25) per month - includes 3 GB of data (Previously 2 GB)
  • $25 ($18.75) per month - includes 5 GB of data  (Previously 4 GB)

Taxes and fees are not included in the prices above. All plans include global texting to over 180 countries at no extra cost. Twigby's data plans include unlimited 2G data for free after the high speed data allotment has been used. Twigby allows its customers to create a plan by choosing the number of minutes and the amount of data they would like.

Twigby is a Sprint MVNO. All plans include off network roaming at no extra cost. Data roaming is at 3G speeds. At least 50% of use must be on the Sprint network.

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  1. Twigby needs to improve its underlying service by ditching Sprint.

  2. Between:

    * Sprint's free year unlimited plan

    * Sprint's $15 kickstart unlimited plan

    * FreedomPop's Unreal $15 unlimited plan, and

    * Virgin Mobile's $1 unlimited plan

    I just don't see how the little nickel-and-dime changes from all the Sprint MVNOs that have the same name (Twigby, Tello, and Ting sound like triplet brothers from a preppy Southern family) will make a difference.

    If someone's stuck on the Sprint network, it better be super cheap.

  3. hahaha, whatz the use when you can get unlimited talk,text and 1 gb data with other providers for same network

  4. How do you qualify for $1 Virgin Mobile unlimited plan?

    Do you have buy an iPhone from then? Or?

    1. Port a number to Virgin and either purchase an iPhone from them or bring your own iPhone.

  5. Twigby uses both sprint and verizon. Do your homework anonymous.

    1. Sort of. Twigby is a Sprint MVNO with roaming on Sprint's roaming partners, one of which is Verizon.

    2. Roaming costs too much to matter.

      If you rely on it to compensate for Sprint's poor coverage, you'll eventually getting kicked off.

      The same goes for supposedly unlimited data on MVNOs. Use too much and BAM POW straight to finding a new carrier you go.

    3. Free roaming costs too much. Sure it does.

    4. The other anonymous means that roaming coasts Twigby something and if you use too much they will cancel your service. According to Twigby's Terns of Service page; "Twigby does not charge for roaming usage that occurs off of the Sprint network, however, if a user repeatedly consumes more than 50% of their usage on a roaming network in a 12 month period, Twigby has the right to terminate the service as the user is not primarily” using the network being offered. Twigby will offer warning to new subscribers if their service address is within good coverage n primary network as determined by Sprint."

  6. "These prices are available for new Twigby customers for the first 6 months of service."

    and, so, what are the prices if you stick around AFTER the first six months?

    1. Check back in 6 months.

    2. I've updated the post to include both the regular and promotional plan prices.

  7. Not bad, certainly better than Ting without having a line fee.

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