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AT&T Offers Waived Additional Charges to Customers Affected by Carr Wildfire

The Carr wildfire has caused quite a destruction in California. With 6 deaths reported, almost 100,000 acres, over 720 homes and 240 buildings burned down, it has been recognized as the deadliest current wildfire in California.

Having started as a mechanical failure of a vehicle on an intersection at US highway 299 last Monday, July 23rd, the wildfire has rapidly spread and continues to be a threat among residents. Firefighters are saying the wildfire is already 20% contained but is still spreading throughout Shasta county California.

As part of its humanitarian efforts, AT&T has announced that they are automatically issuing credits and waiving additional charges for their customers in the affected areas. From July 27th until July 31st, AT&T customers can use their service lines without worry.

The announcement shows that AT&T wireless customers will be getting unlimited data, voice and text. Meanwhile, AT&T PREPAID customers can use their phones for unlimited voice and text. This is limited to customers with billing addresses (AT&T wireless) and phone numbers (AT&T PREPAID) with ZIP codes affected by the wildfire.

AT&T says that customers in these areas will continue to get data alert notifications throughout the dates covered. However, their billing will show the correct data charges. Consumer landline customers residing in affected areas may also visit an AT&T retail store to get a free AT&T PREPAID device and $25 pin until August 4th. This is available while supplies last.

Customers who wish to voluntarily pause service to suspend charges or ask questions about damaged equipment may contact AT&T customer service by calling 1-800-288-2020.

You may also do your part by helping those affected by the Carr wildfire. You can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

Source: AT&T

Editor's note: Our thoughts go out to our readers in these affected areas.

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