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AT&T Q2 Earnings Show Massive Growth in Prepaid

Earlier today, AT&T revealed its Q2 2018 earnings. Comparing with earlier predictions made by Wall Street analysts, the country's second largest wireless carrier proved to have done much better during the quarter.

In their report, the company revealed they were able to gain 46,000 new postpaid phone subscribers. This results to an impressive achievement from the carrier, as analysts were earlier expecting the company to have a loss of up to 28,000 subscribers.

As for its prepaid phone additions, the carrier reported an addition of 356,000 new subs. The carrier also reported .82% churn for the quarter and the addition of almost 400,000 branded smartphones. Its DirecTV Now streaming service now has 1.8 million members, with 342,000 new subscribers added this quarter.

Globally, AT&T was able to have a total wireless addition of 3.8 million, with 3.1 million in the U.S. This is largely attributed by the growing numbers of its prepaid subscribers and connected devices. During regular trading hours, AT&T shares rose 2.2% before falling back to 1.3%.

During Q2, AT&T finalized its purchase of Time Warner and has raised the prices of DirecTV Now.

You can read the full report here.

Source: PhoneArena

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  1. I had DirecTV Now, it was a love-hate relationship. They had the most channels in my market (when including locals, which were a must.) Overall product quality was the worst among the three I had tried up to that point on a Roku (DTV+Sling+PS.) I did the 3 months for $10/month trial but when I found out they're planning to raise the price to $40/month for what I found to be a sub-par offering, I left on a day they were having an outage.

    I'm now on YouTube TV, which also costs $40 and is missing at least one cable channel I watch, but quality is much better+unlimited DVR. I've noticed they're also surprisingly good for sports.

  2. So 356,000 is "massive" for AT&T prepaid and 46,000 new postpaid phone customers is an "impressive achievement." They missed their revenue targets for the quarter by $400M, and revenue was down $800M year over year. AT&T’s Entertainment Group was down $1 Billion year over year, 6.4%.

    StraightTalk adds 500,000 prepaid customers and gets no adjective at all. Why?

    Let's see how Verizon's 199,000 net postpaid phone customer additions are described.

  3. WOW! Over three million net adds just in America, and nearly four million worldwide. How will Verizon keep pace?

    1. That's sure a lot of IoT thermostats, refrigerators, security systems, and plenty of Apple Watches. wow.

    2. So the 1% (of 300m) upgraded to smart homes.

      Meanwhile in real America, we're still content with getting up to change the tempetature or fetch the remote.

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