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Market Force Study Reveals Consumer Cellular is the Leading MVNO

Market Force Information, a company that specializes in assisting businesses with location-level measurement solutions to protect brand reputation and customer satisfaction, has unveiled the results of a recent study it conducted.

The study was aimed to reveal which non-contract wireless carrier stood out with regards to consumer satisfaction and loyalty. And as revealed, the brand that stood out as the favorite overall carrier in America was Consumer Cellular. Even more surprising was that several non-contract providers outperformed the Big Four.

The study comprised of responses from over 8,800 consumers. It also helped determine different trends in wireless usage, contacts, plans, in-store experiences, and what set each carrier apart.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

When it comes to consumer loyalty, the study revealed that Consumer Cellular landed on the top spot with a score of 71%. Tied for second place are Cricket and Straight Talk with a score of 56%. On third place, both T-Mobile and Boost Mobile are tied. The big surprise here is that Verizon placed seventh, while the bottom spot were filled by AT&T and Sprint.

According to Market Force's chief customer officer, Brad Christian, part of Consumer Cellular's success links back to the company's strategy of "targeting niche markets such as the over-50 demographic." The executive also pointed out that the non-contract wireless provider earned the loyalty of its customers by giving "an intense focus on service to support this customer base."

Despite its 2017 results, Consumer Cellular managed to earn first-place ranking for the third consecutive year. Both Cricket and Boost Mobile earned five percentage points, which led these two to climb up the ladder on the study's Composite Loyalty Index rankings. Cricket landed on second place (from third, tied with Straight Talk) and Boost Mobile on third place (from fifth).

Composite Loyalty Index: Big Four

Turning the study over to the rankings of full-service carriers, the study revealed that T-Mobile ranked first on Composite Loyalty Index. T-Mobile continues its footing on this study with a score of 46%; a three percentage increase from last year's results. Verizon took the second place with a score of 38%, followed by AT&T and Sprint on third and fourth place, respectively.

In-Store Experience

Market Force also studied consumer's responses with their in-store experience. Even though wireless technology has become more advanced, the study revealed that consumers still preferred in-store services when it comes to answering questions and phone demonstrations. Across the board, Cricket ranked first in almost every in-store service category. T-Mobile earned recognition for the friendliest in-store staff.

Customers Shifting to Prepaid

As a whole, Consumer Cellular dominated the study with both non-contract and full-service providers stacked against others. The wireless provider led the spot in almost every category, namely in Value, Data Speeds, Least Amount of Dropped Calls, Strength of Calls, Access to New Technology, Easy to Change Plan, and Plan Flexibility. For Network Coverage, the score was a point's difference between Verizon (60%) and Consumer Cellular (59%). When it came to Access to New Products, T-Mobile took the lead.

With the results of the study, it is a clear indication that wireless users are continuing to shift away from contract plans and switching to prepaid and pay-as-you-go options. In a span of two years, there has been a 12% drop of consumers in contract plans-- 62% in 2016 and 50% in 2018. During the same period, the study showed a growth in prepaid service by 7% and pay-as-you-go service by 5%.

The study also revealed that 14% of users are considering switching to another provider by next year to get better value, improved network coverage, and more flexibility in plan options. Among those, Sprint customers responded most likely to switch, leaving both Consumer Cellular and U.S. Cellular least likely to switch. 

To read the full results of the study, visit Market Force's website.

Source: Market Force


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  1. It's interesting that Consumer Cellular did so well. After all it's an ATT mvno. But, most of their customers are of an age where they kind of like to give people their opinion! ; )
    ATT and Consumer Cellular are good companies, but they're not exactly innovative...


  2. GOOOOOOD. It’s not Carlos. And darn right they’re not innovative. However, CC is very much like the “premium” of MVNOs, as odd as it sounds to me.

  3. Sprint in last place among the big guys? At least they're consistent eh? lol

  4. Look for Virgin Mobile to slide down toward Sprint's 25% as the $1/monthers get their first $50 service renewal request. LOL!

  5. These stats are misleading every time you post them.

    Consumer Cellular preys on old people (AARP, AAA), so its not surprising they would get higher ratings. Older Americans are more likely to give generous ratings because they don't shop around for the best deal and stick with what they already have. The other carriers on the list have customers like me that port-out every 6-9 months because we always look for a good deal (free phones, more data, group deals). I've used six different providers over the last 2 years. Higher churn, lower ratings, that's what these results show, nothing else.

    1. I might be old but I can still slap the you know what out of you with my AARP magazine ya young whipper snapper!

  6. If Strighttalk is 56%
    And Tracfone is 42%
    Doesn't that make 98%
    For Carlos :)

    1. bob makes me grin
      & agin ;-)
      Carlos is a BUY for long term growth

    2. No, it means that 56 out of 100 Straight Talk customers are satisfied and that 42 out of 100 Tracfone customers are satisfied.

  7. if you're ok with Sprint coverage, test tello. Cheap and easy to join. I was on verizon and now I only pay $14 for 1GB and unlimited talk & text

  8. Besides the great Customer Service, customers love Consumer Cellular because they only pay for what they need; no more, no less. Our daughter and her husband share 3GB and 250 minutes/month. Calls between them are free (not counted). Both have unlimited text.
    $50/month + $6 tax, vs $150 for their previous Verizon family plan.
    AT&T postpaid coverage is perfect for them.

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