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Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S10+ Rumored to Have 5 Camera Sensors

Earlier today, a Korean publication unveiled some interesting specs for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup. One of the pieces of information unveiled is that there will be a device with five cameras-- a triple camera configuration on the back and a dual selfie camera. 
The Bell revealed there will be a total of three devices to be unveiled by Samsung by next year. These devices are codenamed Beyond 0 (Galaxy S10), Beyond 1 (Galaxy S10+), and Beyond 2 (another Galaxy S10+ variant). These three devices will have these specs:

Beyond 0

For starters, there's the Galaxy S10 smartphone. This is revealed to have a 5.8-inch non-curved Super AMOLED display, a dual 12-megapixel wide and 12-megapixel tele camera, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. 

Beyond 1

The publication unveiled a couple of Galaxy S10+ models set for this year's release. The first variant, codenamed Beyond 1, will have a 6.2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, a triple camera configuration with two 12-megapixel wide and tele sensors and a 16-megapixel fixed-focus 120-degree super wide angle sensor. In front of the screen is a single selfie camera. The fingerprint scanner will be found under the display. 

Beyond 2

Lastly, the other Galaxy S10+ variant, codenamed Beyond 2, is said to be equipped with a 6.44-inch curved Super AMOLED display. It will have the same triple camera configuration on the back (12-megapixel wide, 12-megapixel tele, and 16-megapixel fixed-focus) and a fingerprint scanner under the display. The big difference is that it will have a new dual front-facing camera configuratin. 

Right now, these are the only details available about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup. There's no word yet on the software and battery details of these devices. It's also unclear whether or not these are official leaks, but The Bell cited industry sources for its report. 

These devices are expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next year as Samsung's 10th anniversary series. As the date draws nearer, more concrete information can be expected. 

Source: GSMArena



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  1. Pricing
    S10 $1,200
    S10+ $1,400
    S10++ $1,600
    Soon we'll have to take out a mortgage to buy a phone.

    1. Just because they make $1200-$1600 phones doesn't mean you need one and have to buy it. If you base the value of your life upon being able to afford a flagship phone, you really need to reassess your priorities.

    2. ...in order to keep the corporates fat!!

    3. Why "soon?"
      What do your think an EIP, JUMP, lease, installment payments, or phone subsidy with carrier lock represents?

  2. It's about friggin' time Samsung gives us a REAL wide angle lense instead of calling the regular (standard) lense wide when comparing to the useless telephoto lense no one uses on Samsung or Apple!

    AND PLEASE bring back a basic STANDARD FOCUS instead of this bokeh crap! My old Galaxy S3 took outstanding photos of a close up object with distant objects all in focus in the same frame. Now, if an object is up close, one has to choose which to remain in focus alot of the time (close, or far) . Everything has to be far away for everything to remain in focus alot of the times with S7 & beyond.

  3. Both apple and sammy cult members are dumb enough to waste a ton of their cash buying these larded up phones.

    1. You get what you pay for. The cameras, performance, and build quality stand out among all other phones, except for another high-price phone that you did not name. "Larded up" with pretty much much better everything....

      It sounds like nothing but sour grapes from you. And the "cult members" for iPhones and Samsung products are really a tiny proportion of the huge amount of sales, sales which happen because informed consumers compare the different models and choose the best phone for their money.

    2. They choose it for the support and simplicity.

      It "just works", which is why people spend all that money on them.

      It needs to be said, though, that either sales or prices would plummet if debt repayment plans weren't an option.

      In an honest and equal market where all phones were sold at face retail value, Samsung and Apple would get slaughtered to hell and beyond.

  4. "In an honest and equal market where all phones were sold at face retail value, Samsung and Apple would get slaughtered to hell and beyond."

    They are sold at face value, and they slaughter everything.

    1. Everyone's on a device payment plan, fam.

      If people had to pay full price up front, the high end market would crash and burn.

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