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Survey Reveals Who Xfinity Mobile's Average Customer Is

It's been a year since Comcast debuted its wireless brand, Xfinity Mobile. When it joined this industry, it offered its existing cable customers a choice to have a metered service at $12 per GB or have an unlimited service costing $45 per month. Its success has led the company to have over 500,000 customers on its wireless brand. And while Comcast is expected to publish its second-quarter earnings next month, it's only safe to say that things are looking good for the company.

But before Comcast gets a chance to reveal its Q2 earnings, a Wall Street research firm gave a look into who Xfinity Mobile's audience is. In addition to this, the analysts from Cowen and Company revealed what Xfinity Mobile customers wanted from their provider in the future.

The research firm usually does a quarterly survey on telecom customers to identify the growing trends. In its most recent quarterly survey, the company was able to identify around 70 customers of Xfinity Mobile. Even though this is just a small fraction of the wireless brand's entire customer base, it's important to note that the findings of the research firm give a look into who Xfinity Mobile's customers are.

Based on its findings, Xfinity Mobile's customers are among the oldest age group that have joined the survey. The data shows that 49.2 years old is the average age of an Xfinity Mobile customer. Compared with the average ages of other carriers, they are at least two years older: Verizon 47.7, AT&T 46.6, Sprint 43.5, and T-Mobile 42.9.

Another important information that the research firm gathered was that as a generalization, Xfinity Mobile's customers don't subscribe to a lot of OTT video services. The survey reveals that, on average, customers only subscribe to one OTT service. This pales in comparison with the customers of other wireless providers. For example, the research shows that T-Mobile and Verizon customers have an average of 1.3 OTT video provider subscriptions. AT&T customers have an average of 1.4, while Sprint has a 1.5 average subscriptions.

This discovery is interesting since Xfinity Mobile customers have been found to most likely consider "cutting the cord" by the survey. The research reveals that 10% of customers are considering ending their subscription to traditional pay TV service. This is different from the results gathered from other providers: 9% for Verizon, 8% for T-Mobile, 7% for Sprint, and 5% for AT&T. Considering video is an important business for Comcast, this could be an alarming discovery.

Lastly, the survey discovered that the average household income of Xfinity Mobile customers is around $72,000. This number does not land Xfinity Mobile on the highest (Verizon: $94,000) nor the lowest (T-Mobile: $70,000). With this information, Xfinity Mobile could perhaps use the data to work on how it targets its customers much more efficiently.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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  1. So old, boring people like Comcast Mobile, poor young'uns flock to T-mo, and Verizon is the "alpha carrier" of the bunch.

    Honestly, the survey only confirmed what everyone already knew.

  2. I'm old yet I don't have Xfinity mobile. Probably because T-T plus 1 Gb is $12 and fees on a non BYOD Android service. The Red Pocket yearly plan will set you back $12.68 every 30 days if bought on sale. Much better deal for us one foot in the grave types.


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