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T-Mobile and CBS Television Studios Ahead of Schedule in Completion of Spectrum Repack

Last month, T-Mobile unveiled that its 600MHz Extended Range LTE coverage already covered over 900 cities in the U.S. Now, it looks like T-Mobile has some good news for its customers based in New York City.

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that they have accomplished the repack of WLNY-TV's 600MHz spectrum. This was completed together with CBS Corporation's CBS Television Stations. The spectrum is found on some portions of Long Island and its surrounding area reaching into Queens and Brooklyn.

With this announcement, T-Mobile is expected to roll out 600MHz LTE in this cleared spectrum at the start of next year. T-Mobile also shares that they have already prepared the equipment they will use to deploy 600MHz for 5G.

This repacking comes early as it was initially set to be completed by August 2019. The FCC set this deadline for the network. With today's news, the repacking was completed early by over a year.

So what makes this 600MHz LTE network so attractive? Once it will be deployed, the spectrum will be able to cover an area twice as far. It is also able to penetrate buildings four times better compared to mid-band LTE.

Since it is set for deploying early next year, it's exciting to see the different smartphones that will be compatible with it. As of this writing, the only devices that support 600MHz LTE include the LG G7 ThinQ, LG K30, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy J3 Star, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

More 600MHz LTE compatible devices should be unveiled real soon.

Source: T-Mobile


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  1. Good news for millions on Long Island and those who love the beaches in the summer.

  2. Thought the oneplus 6 has band 71 also?

  3. There is already more devices supporting band 71:


  4. So confused about the Galaxy S9's

    Best Buy's unlocked version lists 66 band but no 71 band

    GSM arena says global S9's have 66 band, but no 71 band
    but then GSM arena says USA version has both 66 & 71 bands.....but why doesn't Best Buy list 71 band?
    Is 71 band on the T-Mobile version of S9's only?

  5. A friend took a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula two weeks back. His wife has a TMO Galaxy S9+. We were excited to see the coverage map for western UP (all 3 of us have amateur radio licenses, so we sort of geek out over this stuff). Reality was different, they didn't really notice any 600MHz usage. They went up past Hancock as far as Eagle RIver, should have been within at least five 600MHz cells.

    Not really sure what happened - maybe the phone needs to be tweaked, the coverage map is running a month ahead of the actual signal, or maybe LTE Discovery doesn't know how to report band 71?

    That SpectrumGateway site has some maps showing future TMO coverage in the upper half of lower Michigan. Pretty dense deployment, should be great if it actually works. I can live in hope...

  6. It's all marketing spin.

    600mhz LTE won't make much difference.

    5G is where the real test is, so bring on the 5G capable phones.

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