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TracFone Wireless Offering iPhone SE with 60-day Plan Bundle for Only $214.99

America Movil's TracFone Wireless is currently running a sale on its smartphones.

For a limited time period, you can get these phones at a discount from the MVNO operating under T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon:

  • Alcatel Pixi Avion LTE - $9.90 (previously $29.99), save extra 40% with plan purchase
  • Alcatel Pixi Eclipse - free with plan purchase
  • Apple iPhone 6S 32GB - $299 (previously $449)
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB - $399 (previously $549)
  • Apple iPhone 7 32GB - $599 (previously $699)
  • LG Rebel 2 - $39.99 (previously $59.99), save extra 40% with plan purchase
  • Reconditioned Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro - $24.99 (previously $49.99)
  • Reconditioned Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro - $59.99 (previously $99.99)
  • Reconditioned ZTE ZFive 2 - $9.99 (previously $29.99), save extra 40% with plan purchase
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro - $69.99 (previously $99.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro - $119.99 (previously $149.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - $399.99 (previously $529.99)
  • ZTE ZMax Champ - $19.99 (previously $99.99), save extra 40% with plan purchase

TracFone is also offering the Apple iPhone SE 32GB with a 60-day service plan for only $214.99. Previously, this bundle cost $234.99 so you'll be able to save $20. The plan included in the bundle is the $35 plan, which comes with 750 minutes of talk, 1000 text, and 1GB of high speed data. A maximum of 2 purchases of this promotion is limited to each customer. 

In addition to the ongoing sale for smartphones, TracFone is offering 30 bonus minutes to the 120 minutes card when you use 24186 promo code upon check out. This is available on the 90-day Pay as You Go card for basic phones, which includes 120 minutes of talk, text and web at $29.99. The promo code is available until July 18, 2018. 

There is no word on when TracFone's discount on smartphones will be available. But if you check with their website, you'll be able to see whether this is still available or not. 

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  1. Too small for adults, not enough data for kids.

  2. High end flagship phones and Tracfone plans are not a good combination. Tracfones should be the low end types that match low end usage. Why spend $200+ on a phone when trying to save each month on minutes, texts and data?

    1. You're forgetting about WiFi. And the status of packing a nice iPhone.
      Tracfone savings will eventually pay for the iPhone, too.

      Do you also tell people who don't drive a lot that they should not buy a nice car?

    2. Probably the same reason some people who don't drive much still buy nice cars - they appreciate the technology and features for the times they use it. I have a Tracfone iPhone 6s and I barely ever talk on the phone and am almost always on wifi. The Verizon coverage is great when I need it, though. I'd rather use this phone for 5 years than get a new low end android every year.

    3. Perhaps they're on wifi a lot, and I wouldn't consider an iPhone se high end flagship in 2018, possibly never.

    4. The list of phones show Iphone 7, 6s and 6s plus not just the SE model and most Tracfone users do not have access to wifi unless they go to a public wifi area.

  3. > "and most Tracfone users do not have access to wifi unless they go to a public wifi area."

    I don't know about that.... I think a good chunk of Tracfone users, maybe even over 50%, have wifi Internet access at home or work. It actually makes sense, because they figure they can use data very lightly the rest of the time, and get by with just a few MB per day on a Tracfone plan, if they have wifi elsewhere.

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