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U.S. Senators No Longer Interested in Trump's ZTE Deal

About a week ago, the export ban on ZTE was officially lifted the U.S. Commerce Department. When this decision was made, there was some speculation that the U.S. senators would still be coming up with harsher restrictions in order to reinstate the ban. But it looks like this won't be happening anymore.

Earlier today, there have been reports that a number of U.S. senators seeking to block the deal have decided to back off. This means that the deal made by President Donald Trump with the Chinese telecommunications company will continue to stand. The new decision was made despite strong bipartisan opposition and a concern on ZTE threatening the national security interests of the nation.

Despite making a decision to back off this done deal, Senators could not help but express their frustration with how the export ban was lifted. In a statement given to The Washington Post, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wrote: "By stripping the Senate's tough ZTE sanctions provision from the defense bill, President Trump -- and the congressional Republicans who acted at his behest -- have once again made President Xi and the Chinese government the big winners and the American worker and our national security the big losers."

Two other senators expressed their dismay over the decision via Twitter. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) commented the move as a "huge mistake". The senator also said that this decision puts the country at risk.

Surprisingly, a senator from the opposing party, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) also used Twitter to express his concern:

Early this year, the U.S. Commerce Department decided to place ZTE under an export ban. This decision was made after the Chinese company was discovered to be in violation of a plea deal it had agreed to last year after it pled guilty to selling U.S. components to North Korea and Iran. Apart from the trade ban, ZTE's phones (along with Huawei) were also banned by the Pentagon to be sold on military bases.

After this, the two governments started talking about a deal. It was alleged that the deal was spearheaded by President Trump, which would allow ZTE to continue its operations in the country. In exchange for this, ZTE would not be permitted to do business with U.S. government contractors. The Chinese company was also ordered to pay a $1 billion fine, replace its board of directors, put $400 million in escrow, and have a 10-year monitoring period by a compliance team chosen by the U.S.

The senators, however, were unhappy with the details involved in the deal. For one thing, they wanted harsher sanctions in place; which would bar the Chinese company from doing business with any American companies.

Considering the export ban would lead the entire company to shut down, ZTE decided to take the deal and complied with the U.S. demands. This led the U.S. Commerce Department to lift the ban shortly after the company deposited $400 million into escrow along with the other settlement requirements.

Source:  Engadget

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  1. Trump don't care. We're already know 100% for sure he will sell out a country over his interesting.

    1. Right. And don't forget the $400 million dollar all in cash he sent to Iran secretly in a military airplane, and how he colluded with Russia by promising the Russian president that he would have more flexibility after the election.

    2. There's absolutely no evidence of this, which is why the vast majority of the American public is disinterested. I'm not sure this is the best place for conspiracy theories also.

    3. "And don't forget the $400 million dollar all on cash..."

      Sorry, you forgot to add the 'byline Brian Williams, NBC News'. And that you personally piloted this plane yourself.

      And Dan Rather was your co-pilot, fresh with new Microsoft Word documents printed in 1971 proving that George W Bush went AWOL once and for all.

    4. I was actually piloting the plane, and when we were landing we were under sniper fire.

  2. Every time rich overpaid bureaucrats with half a year's worth of vacation time get upset, an angel gets their wings.

  3. When did prepaidphonenews become political news? No wonder I come here less often.

    1. If they want to personalize the ZTE deal, it should be called Ross's ZTE deal, since his team at Commerce negotiated it.
      It should be renamed with an extra P at the front, for progressive. PPPPN.

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