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Verizon 5G Network Now in Houston, Working on TV Streaming Partnership

The coming months prove to be an exciting time for those who are anticipating the availability of 5G network. Just recently, Qualcomm unveiled its new QTM052 mmWave antenna module for 5G devices and shipped its samples to smartphone manufacturers. With this new antenna module, we could well be on our way to witnessing the birth of various smartphone models compatible with the upcoming 5G network that carriers like AT&T and Verizon have lined up.

And as their promised dates for 5G availability come closer, these wireless carriers have stepped up their game. A few days ago, AT&T announced that they have added three key cities onto their list to have 5G network available. Not one to stay behind the competition, Verizon has unveiled the latest city to be among those to enjoy the first wave of 5G technology when it gets deployed later this year.

Prior to today's announcement, Verizon had already enlisted Sacramento and Los Angeles as the first cities to get 5G network. The newest addition to that list is Houston.

But even if these carriers enlist all cities as among those to get this groundbreaking technology, it is still too early to be excited for 5G. Right now, there isn't a smartphone model capable of 5G technology commercially available yet. And we expect these to be released next year, as what manufacturers have said. In addition to this, wireless carriers have already clarified that the first 5G devices to be available will be mobile wireless routers, or "pucks." Right now, as it seems, individuals will be able to experience 5G as a wireless modem.

Bloomberg recently reported that Verizon has plans to work with a streaming service to make 5G available across homes wherein their technology is already available. According to the report, there are rumors pointing to Verizon partnering with either Apple TV or Google's YouTube TV to offer these services with its cutting-edge 5G technology.

If this holds true, Verizon could soon offer internet and TV subscription packages with its 5G technology as a serious rival for traditional cable companies. Its success, however, will depend on two things: how much it will cost to subscribe and how reliable 5G's millimetre waves can be with potential disruptions caused by foliage, buildings, or even the rain.

With this service reported to be unveiled before the year ends, we'll have to hang onto our seats for this one.

Source: Bloomberg, Phone Arena

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  1. I'm surprised they didn't get this done already, with all the billions we're handing them.

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