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DataXoom Now Has 1,000 Enterprise Subscribers

DataXoom has doubled both its subscriber count and revenues. As explained by CEO Chris Hill, the four-year-old MVNO has "solid growth" and that "Things are good."

With today's news, the MVNO has a total of around 1,000 enterprise accounts. But what makes this startup MVNO different from the rest of its competition?

For starters, DataXoom exclusively focuses itself on the enterprise market. As opposed to most MVNOS, DataXoom does things differently by offering their products and services to a different market. This way, they do not end adding to the networks of the major U.S. carriers. That 1,000 count is made up of the MVNO's customers composed of healthcare providers, warehouse companies, and insurance firms.

In addition to selling tablets, wearables and smartphones, DataXoom offers LTE data services from the networks of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Telus and Rogers.

An impressive feat for the MVNO is that it continually grows, despite having a very specific customer group. While the company is not yet a $100 million business, Hill shares that the business does not have any outstanding debt to worry about.

DataXoom has operations in New Hampshire and California, both of which have a little over a dozen employees.

Source: FierceWireless


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