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Get $75 Walmart Gift Card in Exchange of AT&T Prepaid Phone Purchase

AT&T Prepaid is currently running a promotion for new customers who purchase a new device. The promotion is exclusively available at Walmart and gives a gift card when you activate the phone on a $35 plan or higher.

According to the details of the promotion, you can get a $75 Walmart Gift Card when you purchase and activate a new device. You will need to activate that device on AT&T Prepaid's plans of at least $35 value.

If you go for this minimum plan, you will get unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of high speed data, mobile hotspot, and HD video. You can also purchase more data at 1GB for $10, which is valid for 30 days.

In order to get the gift card, you will need to make three monthly service payments on the plan you choose. After your third monthly payment, you will receive a code from AT&T Prepaid so you can claim your card from att.com/claimyourcard.

AT&T also has another in-store promotion where you can get a bonus 4GB of high-speed data when you buy a couple of AT&T Prepaid phones from Walmart. The bonus data is available per line every month, although you will need to activate the two devices under AT&T Prepaid's $45 monthly plan and enroll both in a Multi-Line account. You need to do all these within 30 days of your purchase so you can get the bonus data.

Unlike the first promotion, this is available for both new and existing customers of AT&T Prepaid. The two promotions, however, are valid until September 30, 2018.

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  1. This offer is rather disingenuous and just lame.

    1. AT&T is getting smarter. They only required one month of service to get the $49.99 iPhone SE.

  2. saw this at my local walmart yesterday. intriguing. but really already have my main phone on at&t prepaid and currently only wanting something different for another phone. this promo is designed for switchers like a family who wants to switch their phones to a well known brand because that's what people generally do. certainly not targeting us really picky phone geeks specifically.

  3. Their 45$ for 9GB data monthly is a sweet deal..also reduces to 40 via auto pay

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