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H2O Wireless Unveils Back-to-School Promotion

H2O Wireless is another MVNO that recently unveiled a Back-to-School promotion for both new and existing customers. Under this promotion, the AT&T MVNO is offering 25% off on select devices, 2X data for 3 months, and a Refer-a-Friend promotion.

25% Off on Select Smartphones

For a limited time period, you can get these three smartphones with a 25% discount:

  • LG K10 - $63.75 instead of $85
  • LG Phoenix 3 - $56.25 instead of $75
  • Samsung Galaxy J120 - $60 instead of $80

Although there's no mention of an end date, the discount is available while supplies last. 

Get 2X the Data for 3 Months

Apart from the discount on smartphone purchases, H2O Wireless is also offering 2X the data for three months on select plan options. 

  • $20 month plan - includes 1GB 4G LTE data (previously 500MB)
  • $30 month plan - includes 4GB 4G LTE data (previously 2GB)
  • $35 month plan - includes 5GB 4G LTE data (previously 3GB)
  • $40 month plan - includes 8GB 4G LTE data (previously 6GB)

The promotion requires a new service line or ported number to be activated before September 30, 2018. After the initial recharge, the data allotments are reverted back to the original data allotment for subsequent plan cycles. 

Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Finally, H2O Wireless is giving its customers a chance to earn when they bring a friend or family member over. Under this program, customers and their referral can earn $30 each. The referral also gets a free SIM and free shipping. Up to 10 people can be referred by a customer per month. T

H2O Wireless' Refer-a-Friend promotion ends on August 31, 2018. 

Source: H2O Wireless

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  1. One bad gotcha with H2O is that they don't support MMS on iPhones. I had to switch to android. Even then it was pretty unreliable for me. Last week there was a huge data/mms outage in my area, too. Interestingly, the outage was specific to H2O. My freedompop ATT SIM worked fine.

    1. Use Whatsapp or Hangouts for mms

    2. I don't want Google reading and seeing all my MMS so they can sell my info to ad spammers. No GMS software on my iPhone.
      Google records 10 times as much data as Apple, and Google doesn't store your info anonymously like Apple does. Read all the ugly details here:

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