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ROK Mobile Customers on Verizon's Network, Here's What You Can Do

Earlier this week, customers of ROK Mobile under Verizon's network complained that they were unable to use their device. Sure, most customers were able to receive calls; but making outgoing calls was impossible.

After a few hours, a dealer was able to speak with a ROK Mobile representative and learned that Verizon had shut off the MVNO from using their towers. What was even more frustrating was the fact that ROK Mobile did not give its customers a heads up that this was going to happen that day. As a result, there were several frustrated customers who were left with a stranded service from the MVNO.

A day later, ROK Mobile confirmed the report and apologized for the inconvenience caused to their customers. The MVNO also assured its customers that since Monday, they were in the process of notifying their customers to port to a different carrier.

On its website, the MVNO promised that it will be issuing a refund to customers affected by the sudden shutdown with Verizon's towers. The company has also decided to offer 3 months of unlimited free Wi-Fi calling worldwide. More importantly, the MVNO promised that it will continue supporting the two other wireless carriers that its customers have a service with. Namely, these two carriers are AT&T and Sprint.

But according to a report from Phone Scoop, the company no longer offered service under Sprint's network. This means that if you decide to continue using ROK Mobile's service, your only choice is to switch service to AT&T's network. The MVNO, however, promised that its customers under Sprint's network will not lose their service.

If you decide to port to a different MVNO, however, the only way you can get in touch with ROK Mobile is to email them at [email protected] calling them is out of the picture (they have been dealing with high call volumes). But they have provided information on how you can port out your existing number.

Account Number: Your ROK Mobile phone number
PIN Number: Last 4 digits of your ROK Mobile phone number

If you recently made a payment, ROK Mobile said that they will be reimbursing its customers for service that ended sooner than it should even if you paid in a store. A post from Wildcat Prepaid Wireless shared that the refund will be pro-rated. You will need to contact their customer service team or send an email to verify the address on file if you paid online. You can call ROK Mobile at this number: (909) 597-7300.

You can read our guide on Porting Your Number here. Or you can check out these options on porting your number:

  • Best Cellular - No activation fees, pay only first month of service. 
  • US Mobile - offering free Starter Kits and 50% off the first month (using Verizon network)

You can also head over to your nearest wireless store to get assistance in porting your number.

Source: ROK Mobile, Phone Scoop 


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  1. hard to imagine anyone wanting to continue with this MVNO. sounds like they are in trouble jump ship now save yourself.

  2. I learned my lesson with RingPlus. I'm sticking with VZW prepaid with double data and deeply discounted refill cards from eBay.

    I do feel sorry for the ROK customers though, that without any warning lost their phone service. I would be pissed.

    1. smart man or woman. If you want stability, and don't want a company going out of business with 3 days or less of notice taking your money and your phone number away, go with Verizon AT & T Sprint T-Mobile or even the TracFone companies.

  3. Oh my...I was port out from ROK VZW just half years ago, after they end their promotion.

  4. I just found out what is going on.
    From seeing this discount switchover promotional banner:

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