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ROK Mobile Customers Welcomed at Red Pocket Mobile With Free Month of Service

Yesterday, ROK Mobile shut down plans under its Sprint network without letting their customers know ahead of time. It was only through HowardForums users where people learned about ROK Mobile's plans. Affected users even had until this morning to port out to a new provider. Yes, it was that quick.

In addition to reports that it was shutting down service for Sprint users, ROK Mobile was said to no longer accept new AT&T customers. There were even rumors that they were being acquired by Red Pocket Mobile.

Earlier today, BestMVNO spoke with Red Pocket Mobile to clarify these reports. According to the publication, Red Pocket will be helping ROK Mobile customers port their numbers over to their service until today. They have also offered a free month of service to those who switch from ROK Mobile once they purchase their first month.

If you are interested in taking this offer, you simply have to enter the coupon code ROKMOBILE upon signup. The coupon code will work on both Sprint and AT&T based plans from ROK Mobile. You will have to fill out a form and provide your email address and phone number in order to complete the procedure. Once you make the switch, you get to keep the same device, phone number, and coverage.

You can sign up here to get the free month of service.

Source: BestMVNO  


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  1. So many consolidation. Even if RedPocket do try to merge with ROK Mobile, do they have to go through FCC and the Justice Department, or is it only reserved for Big companies?

  2. MVNOs are the Moviepass of prepaid.

    With the carriers themselves getting in the game, and truly unlimited data being universally in vogue, resellers no longer have the competitive edge needed to compete for mainstream consumers.

    They're basically zombies at this point, and they'll keep crumbling or being bought out until only Straight Talk remains.

    Those that can't compete on every network at once might as well close up shop.

    1. I wouldn't go so far as to insult the MVNOs by comparing them to MoviePass... At least with any of the MVNOs that I have used, I am somehow able to get reasonable service people to deal with. So far, with MoviePass, they have blocked use of the app, and after repeated complaints (through the app) they downgraded my annual one-a-day prepaid plan to only three movies per month, still controlling which movies are available. Read that as a more than 90% reduction of services. By the way, MoviePass did this without my consent or prior knowledge. When I finally got someone to reply, I demanded that they return me to the plan that I purchased. I was told (repeatedly) that there was no way to return me to what I had purchased as it no longer existed. I was singled out for complaining about non-existent service. I know that I was singled out because other members that I know have not had the same plan reductions. So, in comparison, if your MVNO plan was unlimited, and you prepaid for a year of use, then they dropped you down to 300 min, 300 texts, and 250 MB data, then you might be fair to compare them to MoviePass. Of course, I filed a fraud/theft of services complaint with my State Consumer Protection Division, but I doubt that will go anywhere...

  3. I used to have Rok a while back. I left when they starting changing their plans pretty much every month. That to me, was an indication of worse things to come. Shortly after they stopped using Verizon.

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