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Rural America Gets Fixed Wireless Home Internet Service from U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular has just unveiled a new fixed wireless service for its existing customers. The company intends to utilize its excess network capacity in rural areas by offering it as a home internet option.

As announced, the wireless provider will be offering Fixed Wireless Home Internet plans with these prices:

  • $40 per month - Includes 20GB of data
  • $50 per month - Includes 50GB of data
  • $70 per month - Includes 90GB of data
  • $100 per month - Includes Unlimited Data

During network congestion, the speed may slow down with heavy usage. Once the data cap has been reached, the connection will be downgraded to 2G until the next cycle starts. For the Unlimited Data plan, the data cap is 160GB. 

To be clear, these speeds are nothing to be proud of; especially since we're talking about home internet. For rural America, however, this is better than nothing. 

As explained by U.S. Cellular's president and CEO, Kenneth Meyers: 

"We have a 4G fixed wireless product out there today that is really aimed at the more rural areas where you don't have cable or any other competitive product. And it's a nice product, it drives nice incremental sales.
"Interestingly, for about 25% of the new adds that come in taking that fixed wireless coming with it, bring a handset line with them. It's actually driving usage in parts of the network that aren't as challenged in terms of capacity as some of our city centers. So I like it. Nice product."

U.S. Cellular's Fixed Wireless Home Internet plans make use of the existing 4G LTE networks that the carrier has in place. With 5G availability in rural American projected to be in 2020, it's still a long wait for customers who need Internet connection today. So for now, this will have to do. 

If you are interested in accessing this service, you simply have to visit U.S. Cellular's website to verify if it is available in your location. Once you have confirmed this, you can purchase a D-Link router from U.S. Cellular so you can start connecting to the LTE network. 

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  1. For a family of 4 with Netflix, that 160GB might not be much.

    Unlimited data should be reasonably unlimited relative to 2018 standards, so long as they're not going over 3TB.

    1. 160GB is 5 movies per day with 10GB left over. Skip the 4K movies and online backups and it will be fine for a family of 4. If the kids abuse their share, ration them.
      If you just can't control your usage, it's time to move.

    2. "If you just can't control your usage, it's time to move."

      Or get an unlimited plan and mask that you use it for streaming like this using a VPN. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, since the plan is advertised as unlimited. You are just getting what you paid good money for.

    3. This service is competing in areas like mine that don't have access to cable or dsl. So the only competition is other cell carriers (if any service), or satellite internet. Until a couple years ago, $60 got 10GB per month with satellite in my area. Now it gets 10GB per month before throttling to less than one meg during primetime, and DVD quality video. So, USC has a decent alternative to that.

    4. Forgot to add in my other anonymous post if it's approved, very few people have Netflix anyway where I am. Things like multiplayer gaming don't work on satellite either (except turn based games). So kids can definitely be trained to deal with low use.

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