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Sprint Subscribers Under ROK Mobile: You Better Get Out Now

Earlier in the year, ROK Mobile announced that it will no longer be offering plans under Sprint's network. So when ROK customers under Verizon's network could not make any calls so suddenly, it worried a lot of customers.

As it turns out, ROK Mobile lost its MVNO agreement with Verizon; which left many of its customers stranded without cell service. While this happened a month ago, there are new developments for users who continued to use their Sprint-based plans under ROK Mobile.

According to a forum user on HowardForums, there is some unusual activity ongoing at ROK Mobile. After speaking with the MVNO's customer service, he was told that those under their defunct Sprint-based plans only have until 12AM EST on Aug. 31st to switch to a new provider. Otherwise, you could be one of the many ROK customers who lose service without any warning.

This means that you have to port out of the MVNO as soon as possible. You will need to have your PIN and account number with you. Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. Meanwhile, your account number is your phone number + area code.

Now that ROK Mobile no longer has an MVNO agreement with Verizon and Sprint, its customers under AT&T-based plans couldn't help but worry about the fate of their service as well. While there are those who say ROK Mobile will continue operating as an exclusive AT&T MVNO, the forums don't share the same sentiment.

One of our readers sent a tip that ROK Mobile is no longer taking on new AT&T customers. This information is not yet available on the company's website but it's very likely that these customers are next to get the boot. Rumors are saying that Red Pocket Mobile is in the works of acquiring ROK Mobile.

Whether or not the circulating rumor is true and there is a cause for customers under ROK's AT&T-based plans to worry, one thing is for sure: The company's indifference towards its customers is upsetting. It's a horrible way to do business, especially in an industry such as this.

Source: HowardForums  


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  1. Lol, get out from being squashed under the 'Rok'

  2. Another reminder that MVNOs can go defunct at any time. Leaving you out to dry. Sometimes it's worth paying more for peace of mind.

  3. Running an MVNO in this economic climate is a recipe for financial ruin unless you're the size of America Movil. I think ROK is headed for belly-up.

  4. Dead on the operating table. This MVNO act is finally up. Every MVNO thinks they’re going to rip off the world and get rich.

  5. "Sprint Sunacribers:You Better Get Out Now"

    Why stop with Rok?

  6. I'm on Big Red, so this means nothing to me.

    Between Sprint's dropped signals, Metro's horrendous indoor coverage, and AT&T's cringe-inducingly terrible customer service, as well as the fact that MVNOs advertising unlimited data aren't legally bound to provide it (as opposed to kicking customers off their service), I'm pretty much out of the MVNO game until truly competitive options come along.

    But the reality is that MVNOs have the "Moviepass Problem" where they're just trying to be middle men in an era where carriers would much rather you sign up to their in-house prepaid plans at their brick and mortar locations, all so that they can try to upsell you.

    The middle man is dead, long live prepaid as a gateway to postpaid.

    1. I receive excellent customer service with my AT&T-based MVNO.

      Your arguments make no sense as I do not deal with AT&T directly for MVNO customer service. I call my MVNO for customer service. Likewise, Metro's signals (on T-Mobile towers) are only good as T-Mobile's signal. How would you expect Metro to be better than T-Mobile????? Do you even understand how MVNOs work?

  7. There have been good MVNOs and bad MVNOs since the start. Rok proved they weren't to be trusted early on. Plenty of good ones out there... Red Pocket, Ting, H2O, TruPhone, etc.

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