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T-Mobile Offering Free Phones with $100 ePin Digital Refill on Prepaid Plans

For a limited time period, T-Mobile is offering free phones in exchange of an ePin digital refill of $100 plus tax. The offer is currently available in stores with phone availability varying by store. Among the phones that are available under this promotion are:

  • LG Aristo 2
  • Moto e5 Play
  • T-Mobile Revvl

If you are interested in any of these phones, make sure to check with a local T-Mobile store so you can check the device model that's available. In order to get the free phone, you need to purchase a refill of at least $100 with your T-Mobile prepaid plan. If you don't have a prepaid plan yet, you can have a representative set one up for you quickly. 

Once that's done, you can walk out of the store with your free phone. The post on SlickDeals shares that you can get an unlocked device once the prepaid conditions are met. You can read more about that here. 

Source: SlickDeals    

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  1. When I tried to get this offer the T-Mobile store said it was not available, and gave me a flier for older phones (aristo 1 and moto e4) instead. What can we show as proof of these offers so we do not get bait and switched?

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