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T-Mobile's Un-Carrier NEXT Event Focused on Improving Customer Service

Earlier today, T-Mobile held an event called Un-carrier NEXT. The wireless carrier sent out invitations and teasers for the event last August 10th, which got a lot of people excited to see what new announcements T-Mo had to give.

The event focused on customer service, as T-Mobile introduced its Team of Experts; a group composed of 30-40 customer service experts. These experts serve a particular city together with their vast knowledge on topics so that customers no longer have to waste time to be bounced around on a call. Apart from handling phone calls, these experts also provide assistance with engineering and the carrier's retail stores for more specialized concerns.

In line with the launch, T-Mobile released a relatable video showing how much time people typically spend waiting to get a hold of someone on the other end of the line. After going through several automated messages, the caller has to wait for a few minutes or be put on hold to transfer. And what's worse is that they're not speaking to a real human being at all.

With the introduction of Team of Experts, T-Mobile hopes they can improve the customer's experience when they need to speak to a "REP-RE-SENT-A-TIVE."  The Team of Experts eliminates the need to go through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) robots whose lines you know too well.

Right now, Team of Experts is exclusively available to T-Mobile's postpaid customers, including those under business and public sector. The Team of Experts can be reached via iMessage on Apple Business Chat or a simple message through the T-Mobile app. There's also an option to schedule a call so one of the experts can get in touch with you at a time you're not busy.

The Team of Experts is available 24/7, with a dedicated U.S.-based support group working between 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. If the call is made outside those hours, you will get connected with its Team of Experts with its global partners.

Hopefully, T-Mobile decides to extend this service to its prepaid customers in the future.

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  1. I've never made a call where automated prompts were useful, except when that functionality wasn't available online (i.e. activating certain cards or setting up voice mail).

    Outside of that, it's always been an issue of navigating the prompt maze to try and speak to someone about a specific technical issue on their end.

    Sometimes there's not even a prompt when there should be, like when you're trying to cancel your MoviePass account over the phone.

    Honestly, nobody seems to know how to properly use prompts (i.e. making them optional and allowing them to be skipped over right from the start), so I'd rather everyone just rolled back and reworked their prompts instead of continuing to overuse and abuse them.

    With that said, T-mobile's primary issue is its inadequate LTE network, and all the marketing and customer service in the world still won't improve its core product to the point where I'd be willing to use them again.

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