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Teltik Lets You Save $30 With Its Labor Day 2018 Discount

With Labor Day 2018 coming up real fast, it's expected that companies will be releasing different promotions to attract customers. One of the companies that have joined the bandwagon is T-Mobile reseller, Teltik.

Earlier today, Teltik announced that it will be giving a discount on one of the unlimited everything plans they offer. With the help of the discount, new subscribers are able to get a discount of $10 per month for their first three months of service. Read more about this promotion here.

Teltik's labor day sale is available to new lines of service under the $40 per month plan. This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. It also includes unlimited mobile hotspot but only at 3G data speeds. The plan also includes Wi-Fi calling. Taxes and fees are not included in the monthly rate.

If you wish to include international calling, it will require an additional $15 per month charge. With this add-on, you get unlimited mobile to landline calling to more than 70 countries in addition to unlimited mobile to mobile to more than 30 countries. An additional $5 per month will also give you Caller ID feature. You may also need to purchase a SIM card worth $10 before you can subscribe to the plan.

With the promotion in place, you can save $10 per month on the plan. This is equivalent to $30 in savings for three months of service. It is applicable through the use of a coupon code that you can request by filling out this form. You will need to include your first name, last name, and email address to get the coupon code.

You have until September 10, 2018 to subscribe in order to get the discount.

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  1. Uh. What? I am unsure this “offer” is even on anyone’s radar.

  2. "Read more about this promotion here."

    Um... where?

  3. But she did give instructions on how to submit your email address to get spammed by this marginal carrier reseller...

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