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Xfinity Mobile Wants You to Do a "Phone Cleanse"

With the many complexities of life nowadays, it is important to take time out for yourself. For those who are trying to flush out harmful toxins in their body, a detox program is recommended. Others turn to a cleansing diet so they can give their body the break it needs. We've all heard of different cleansing programs in the past but have you heard of a "phone cleanse?"

Apparently, Comcast's Xfinity Mobile wants to inspire people to undergo "The Phone Cleanse" program. It's a seven-day challenge meant to make each participant more aware of how dependent they have become on their mobile devices. By the end of the week, the MVNO wants you to switch to their network.

First, let's talk numbers. Why do you need to undergo a cleanse? A 2017 study conducted by King University Online showed that on average, people touch their mobile devices 2,617 times per day and spend about 5 hours per day browsing. Another study conducted by comScore shows that adult smartphone users spend around 73.8 hours a month on apps. As for demographics, the publication revealed that "millennials spend an exorbitant amount of time on their smartphone apps, and usage declines with age." With these numbers, it solidifies the impact of mobile phones in the lives of Americans. Not to mention, smartphone usage has changed our daily behaviors.

This is where Xfinity Mobile's The Phone Cleanse comes in.

Throughout the seven-day cleanse period, the MVNO has indicated various challenges that participants have to undergo. These challenges were inspired by leading experts in the mobile space. The daily challenge includes the following tasks to perform:

  • Day One: The App Purge
  • Day Two: Gray for a Day
  • Day Three: The 24-Hour Notification Fast
  • Day Four: The Storage War
  • Day Five: The 60-Minute Rule
  • Day Six: Sleep Separation
  • Day Seven: The Minimalist Home Screen

In a nutshell, Xfinity Mobile's Phone Cleanse does not really stop you from using your phone completely. Instead, it helps minimize unnecessary clutter in your life by getting rid of things like apps you haven't used in a while, getting rid of files that occupy your phone's storage, and even keeping your phone away from you while you sleep. 

So yes, maybe this Phone Cleanse is something that can help you reduce your dependency on your mobile phone. And it might actually be the push you need to finally get rid of the apps and photos you've been meaning to let go of but never got around to doing. 

If you decide to take on Xfinity Mobile's Phone Cleanse Challenge, you might be able to get a $150 prepaid card in the end. Of course, they want you to switch to their network by the end of the seven-day challenge. 

But if you decide otherwise, it's completely alright for you to do so. You can still take on this challenge to give yourself a break from relying too much on your device. You can also get a hard copy of the book, which Xfinity Mobile is offering for free. 

Will you be taking on this challenge?

Source: Xfinity Mobile 


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  1. This isn't something someone else can recommend.

    One day you just have to wake up and decide to take back control of your life.

    Gotta focus on simplifying your life and narrowing your priorities.

    You know that stereotype of the inbred redneck who sits on his porch strumming his banjo all day?

    Turns out he was right all along, and willfully ignorant bliss truly is the genuine patrician's pastime.

    The irony's so sweet you can bake a cake with it, which you'll have time to do when you're not constantly creeping around the online profiles of your neighbors and coworkers.

    It's morning in America, and people are finally waking up.

    1. The above is the musing of a Luddite. Like someone in the year 1910 saying that America is finally waking up and is going to get rid of the automobile.

    2. I am so thankful I had a childhood before technology took over.

      Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure and we're helping destroy it everytime we Google, check-in, and #Hashtag.

    3. "Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventure..."

      And the same has been said with the invention of the automobile, the printing press, the radio, the television, etc etc etc.....

    4. The irony is that walkable neighborhoods are all the rage, so much so that they're the priciest areas to live in America.

      I may be living in 1910 and 2018, but automobile guy is still stuck in the 50s.

    5. One can have walkable neighborhoods AND have cars, of course.

  2. I definitely could stand to be less "addicted" to my phone. At least the only social media I have on my phone is Reddit and I actually learn really meaningful things from that site. I have Netflix on my phone for when I have downtime as I drive a truck for a living and some entertainment is nice.

  3. Technology addicts, like drug addicts, only get angry when someone points out the the costs of their addiction on themselves and society. And yes, it is very obvious from someone who has seen the transformation of society from before and after the smartphone that the change also have produced some very negative effects. To say otherwise is either denial, or they are too young to know how society was before.

    1. +1. And now we have to learn new terms like phubbing and nomophobia.

    2. "Technology addicts, like drug addicts, only get angry when someone points out the the costs of their addiction on themselves and society. "

      It's no different from how people point out how astrology is bunk. Since after all, there is no evidence of costs OR additions.

      It's quite clear though that you have irrational phobia concerning cell phones. The best way to solve this is not to use them, and secondly, not to rave like you are concerning your purely imaginary concepts.

    3. "And now we have to learn new terms like phubbing and nomophobia."

      No, there is no need to learn these junk "Urban Dictionary" type fake words. It's clear that some people in this forum are superstitious and ignorant.

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