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AT&T Brings Wireless Connectivity to Select Airstream Trailers

AT&T has a new service available to those who love to spend the weekends away from the city. With this new service, it's easy to stay connected when you're on a camping trip.

AT&T has partnered with Airstream to bring 4G LTE connectivity on board the Airstream Silver Bullet. The service is considered as an industry first and exclusively available to AT&T's wireless network. Through this service, you get to turn your Airstream into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

As of this writing, a select number of 2019 Airstream RV models carry AT&T's LTE services. There is an option to get the service under a monthly or yearly AT&T Data Connect Plan with the following rates:

  • $25/month - includes 5GB of 4G LTE data for 1 month
  • $360 - includes unlimited data for 1 year

Once you've activated service, you can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices at the same time. The Wi-Fi connectivity has a reach of up to 50 feet away from the RV, which means you can explore your area without worrying of losing connection. 

If you are interested in getting your RV connected to AT&T's data, you will need to have an active line of mobile service with AT&T. You also need to have a compatible Airstream RV ready to make this service available. 

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  1. Most expensive wifi hotspot ever. I'll stick with a Netgear aircard ($50) for now.

  2. people who buy airstream trailers have money to spend. buy new airstream trailer, sure go ahead tack on the extra $350 for unlimited data for one year.

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