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Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and MetroPCS to Continue Amidst T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

Despite reports that the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint could lead to the loss of up to 28,000 jobs, the two companies remain hopeful for a positive outcome. According to analysts, the regulatory approval for the merger is likely to be approved. But this doesn't mean the road ahead will be smooth sailing. It will still take a long way before the merger gets an official approval.  

In response to the latest questions asked by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), T-Mobile made a huge and important promise. The promise gives an assurance to several prepaid brands that are owned by the two companies, MVNOs, and their respective customers. Since one of the big concerns about the merger is what will happen to these smaller prepaid brands, executives of T-Mobile refuted rumors and made an important promise. 

According to the executives, the new T-Mobile will "retain T-Mobile's and Sprint's current prepaid brands as they target different types of customers." This statement puts an end to concerns over the future of brands like MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile once the merger gets approved. 

The executives also reassured the FCC that the merger will encourage MVNOs to continue using its expanded network, even once the shift to 5G starts. One way they are doing this is by offering attractive deals to the MVNOs. 

In addition to its focus on wireless service, executives from T-Mobile expect that the merger will allow the New T-Mobile to offer in-home broadband packages that are much cheaper. The possibility of this extends to over half of the country, which will entice many first time users. 

With regards to the concern of price hikes, both T-Mobile and Sprint remain confident that the merger will create an opposite scenario and will create more competition in the wireless industry. In the end, executives from the two companies promise that the merger will benefit customers from the U.S. 

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  1. Virgin and Boost are irrelevant in 2018.

    As a customer, I'm fine with consolidating redundancy and passing the savings along to consumers.

    MVNOs aren't needed either now that in-house prepaid brands offer better value.

    Unless T-Mobile plans to cut them a good deal on truly unlimited unthrottled 5G, they just don't serve a purpose anymore.

    1. It seems T-Mobile has new promo plans for it's T-Mobile Simply Prepaid brands. The first is $40 for 10 GB 4G LTE. Then, the second one is $50 for unlimited 4G LTE. These new plans are advertised as "Limited-Time Offer!"

    2. Boost is still very popular and overall a good value for some people where Sprint coverage works for them.

    3. MVNOs are needed especially Boost and Metropcs. If you go to low income areas around the USA there are Metropcs megastore fronts with 10+ payment machines inside where customers lineup pooling their cash together to make monthly payments. Boost allows incoming phone calls and texts for 60 days for those that were not able to gather enough cash to make their monthly payments.

    4. $30 monthly
      Unlimited talk text data
      Hotspot capability
      3 gig RAM 64 ROM devices
      6" screens
      $5 screen protectors and cases
      No fees period
      Same if not better customer care as Boost Mobile
      $40 devices
      If TMO can do that prepaid post merger then this assertion is valid
      MVNOs make the phone market not the majors, without MVNOs mobile wireless will go back to 2004
      TMobile customer care is more like customer we don't care just accept what the big 3 carriers say and shut up

    5. When has TMO passed on savings to consumers
      MVNOs buy network privileges
      Don't act like 3 major MVNOs haven't contributed to the profits TMO has realized
      MvnMVpay to lose yet they all still pass on savings to us lower income consumers
      TMO has passed on higher prices and costs let alone disrespectful customer care
      Ask Metro and TMO employees about working for TMO...
      You just hate that low income based carriers and consumers can transact without majors
      Take away MVNOs with this merger and watch the new TMO and the wireless market overall suffer in profits
      5G isn't cheap to establish
      Ask Verizon how expensive it is
      Galaxy and iPhone improve annually only because of the pressure ZTE, LG, and Motorola devices which are cheaper yet innovative

    6. "MVNOs are needed especially Boost and Metropcs"

      Boost and Metro aren't any kind of MVNO. So that pretty much leaves you saying that MVNO's aren't needed.

    7. "Galaxy and iPhone improve annually only because of the pressure ZTE, LG, and Motorola devices which are cheaper yet innovative"

      like an actual market share. The three companies you named are barely on the radar. Hardly anyone chooses them. They have negligible influence on Samsung and Apple.

    8. If Boost subsidizes freeloaders at paying customers' expense when it's literally only $30 for a single phone line that completely replaces your landline, there's no excuse for that.

      I shouldn't have to pay more at the buffet so that Homer Simpson can eat everything for free, nor should I have to pay more for congested low-speed LTE service because freeloaders spent $30 on a lower priority like cable, wifi or their pets.

      If you're poor, you make sacrifices on luxuries to get by and save up, not demand free cell service because you're too cheap to spend $30 on one of the most important monthly expenses aside from food and shelter.

      I mean, we're not even talking about kicking people off of welfare here, just having them pay for network upgrades to accommodate for how their use of VoLTE clogs up the LTE lines in higher population areas.

      As someone who's actually gone through hard times, I know damn well that it's exactly that freeloader mentality that keeps people and communities from facing their problems and improving.

      I mean, just look at all the great neighborhoods in America, and what they all have in common is that they took ownership of the quality of their lives, not just blaming THE MAN or whitey for their problems as an excuse to not clean up their own streets.

      A clean neighborhood invites businesses, investment, and the increased wealth that it all brings, and nobody who lives in a prosperous community got their by begging, blaming others, or just failing to properly prioritize their spending.

      The problem with low income communities is an unwillingness to budget and plan for the future, neither of which paying customers should have to shoulder the burden of.

      It's not my fault you decide to not get married despite having kids you can't pay for. It's not my fault if you spend it all on smokes, alcohol, drugs, fast food every day, prostitutes, or even just a night out with the missus or a new propaganda box to watch whatever cable news validates your feelings. And it's damn well not my fault if you blow it on a $400 PS4 or Switch to game with your friends. It's also not my fault if you're too busy fucking over THE MAN to get a job and work your way into the middle class like everyone else. And it sure as hell isn't anyone else's fault either.

      What poor people need is a path to prosperity, not a pat on the head, free phone service, and even more coddling.

      With that said, corporatization of everything (including rental properties) could be a contributor to poverty and homelessness, so if you want to complain about profiteering and corporations, then there's your damn bogeyman.

      Whine about the companies legitimately screwing over low income Americans from getting housing and jobs, but don't pretend like cell phone companies asking for less than ever before for unlimited talk and text is somehow a nefarious scheme when it's the exact opposite.

      It's just that there remains fixed and ongoing (sometimes even increasing) costs of scaling the network, paying the engineers, providing services like customer support and keeping the investor cash flow coming so that the wheels of progress remain thoroughly greased.

      They're not running a charity and never claimed to be, so complaining about the loss of free service isn't a fair point.

      There's always Obamaphones for that, courtesy of Slumlord Slum.

      For the rest of us who understand that a cheap prepaid cell phone bill is more important than anything else except rent, food and water, we'll be enjoying our free genuinely decent daily drivers on a $30/mo Metro plan that anyone just being honest with themselves about their finances can afford.

    9. "If Boost subsidizes freeloaders at paying customers' expense..."

      That's not part of the business model. All Boost customers pay for what they get.

  2. Well, Boost is relevant for hotspot since they beat Metro on this. Virgin could be relevant if they just become a low cost paygo operation. Metro will no longer have the edge of a better network, perhaps its relevance should be called into question.

    "Unless T-Mobile plans to cut them a good deal on truly unlimited unthrottled 5G, they just don't serve a purpose anymore."

    If you add a 4G and hotspot option to the above sentence, I agree completely.

  3. "MVNOs aren't needed either now that in-house prepaid brands offer better value."

    In-house prepaid brands would likely stop offering a better value if there weren't MVNOs competing with them.

    "Unless T-Mobile plans to cut them a good deal on truly unlimited unthrottled 5G, they just don't serve a purpose anymore."

    Most people won't need unlimited unthrottled 5G, at least not until there's some sort of significant change in how we use our phones (VR or whatever). Cheap, throttled LTE is fine for email, web browsing, and streaming music, and will continue to be plenty useful for some time to come.

    1. I've consistently had issues with indoor streaming of 480p on 3G and LTE because 25mbps and 720p are the new standards for indoor connectivity.

      Unfortunately, carriers haven't made upgrades to meet the demand of widespread LTE adoption, including the implementation of VOLTE and repurposing all 2G and 3G spectrum for 4G usage (all of which hasn't yet been accomplished despite LTE being a thing for nore than 5 years).

      That makes LTE overburdended and under-funded, and only 5G pre-widespread-adoption can meet the demands of modern mobile usage.

      It'll probably go to the crapper once it becomes affordable to the masses, mostly due to poor network planning and failure to shutter now-useless technologies, but the beginnings of 5G will likely be a godsend to early adopters.

  4. anonymous: u r so wrong mvno's have much better value than in house brands u should do a little research b/4 u post something that is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Show me one MVNO advertising unlimited data that won't still kick you off for using a modest 200GB every month.

      Carriers and their subsidiaries won't, but MVNOs can't afford not to.

      There's also the practical and psychological cost of uncertainty, as showcased by ROK recently soiling the bed all over its customers.

      Not everyone has the luxury of dropping everything to troubleshoot an MVNO's failings.

      A good deal is about more than just cost. It also involves confidence and certainty that your money is well spent, and that you'll get everything you paid for.

    2. "Show me on MVNO advertising unlimited data that won't still kick you off for using a MODEST 200GB EVERY MONTH"


    3. It's called productivity and video conferencing with some entertainment mixed in, which can't always be done on spotty, slow or unencrypted hotel wifi.

      Life doesn't have a data usage cap, and neither should mobile service.

  5. If you knew anything about actual accounting and finance and kept up with actual news reports you would know that you aren't subsidizing Homer's meal, it's SoftBank, try to wrap your mind around that, and stop meddling with the low budget MVNOs and their customers who again are profitable and pay their bills on time as well as pay to operate on the big three networks. If anything it's you post paid flagship phone owners causing market imbalance, the only reason Samsung and Apple made bigger screens and faster processing phones is because it took ZTE and Motorola as well as LG to show what the consumers really want. Stay in your less than 5% lane and keep paying your postpaid flagship bill 3 months later. Prepaid means if I don't pay I don't get service. Sprint is broke because of the postpaid customer. Boost is one of the few bright spots on that balance sheet. I won't pay past $30 to a carrier that thinks my upfront money is a liability more than the actual post paid liabilities consumer dragging down service because they are prioritized. Since MVNOs are so bad why don't the big three go post paid totally and go broke, then you will see if Boost and Metro are mvnoM. Both were doing fine before the big three begged them to come under their post paid laden umbrellas. Again read a book on accounting before you try to go anti low income on a rant disguised as a comment

  6. Verizon does what it should do as the top carrier, no AT&T no TMO no Sprint no MVNOs whatsoever, you want to keep paying $100 monthly with a $500+ device and monthly insurance and exorbitant deductibles when you actually need the insured product replaced, go ahead, we do fiscal responsibility here in MVNO markets, just hope you aren't stupid enough to not write all that off on your taxes

  7. I'm low income afriAfr American I dontd drink smoke womanise have a degree and ask no one including my carrier for nothing
    My carrier messages me commending me on 2+ years of patronage and on time payments by offering me a complimentary Samsung as a symbol of appreciation for my business
    You contract bums max out credit cards and break flagship phones intentionally and tie up networks with endless babble on social media which lead to unlimited gigs being throttled
    You sell your flagship devices then write them off and get a new flagship and drive prices up and then complain because the low income African-American is fiscally responsible and spends within his means on a budget without government assistance
    The biggest whiners as stated earlier are post paid flagship device owners who scheme to stockpile breaks by write offs
    Somehow that group scapegoats the low income MVNO customer
    Again SOFTBANK not the government props up Sprint
    Boost Mobile is a profitable entity before and after joining Sprint
    Get a degree in accounting before you talk about balance sheet issues you know nothing about

  8. This response will refer to the imitation fiscal conservative as Homer
    You need to stop blaming China for your inability to understand how capitalism works
    An affordable service is provided by MVNOs
    Your version of poor is using an old refurbished Apple iPhone SE on a $60 plan
    Stay in your lane and go back to your Verizon support group and lanent on the poor folks on MVNOs paying their bills on time while your credit score plumets because you tell yourself you pay for the low income customer on a network that tells you you are prioritized I'm deprioritized
    Try to read everything on this sight regarding Sprint before you make asinine comments that think Boost and Sprint is a social services agency rather than carriers for profits
    Most people making idiot comments are unaware of SofybSof as it pertains to Sprint
    But when has facts been a factor in a discussion dialogue and debate when the opposition viewpoint has no ability to substantiate assertions with factual premises
    Since we're talking spending within means I hope Verizon goes upfront in payment rather than postpaid
    And while your at it stop leasing your phone and pay for it upfront and stop weezling out of your debts to Verizon
    In fact go to a non MVNO carrier...
    There are none
    Even Verizon is in on prepaid
    Because prepaid is more profitable and customers pay
    MVNOs pay
    Seems to me like the low income customer and carrier always has to be burdened by the prioritized service of the bum who cantc find the monthly payment upfront or who is too stingy to pay their fair share
    Ultra offers $19 plans
    It's interesting that the fiscally responsible imitation conservative is on a prepaid debate forum complaining for something Ultra pays for
    Not the prioritized bum...

  9. One reads where comments are perused prior to publishing
    Why is an idiot able to post whitey?
    The discussion is MVNOs
    How did race become relevant?
    The excessive diatribe spewed by the moron who thinks the African Americans are getting Obama phone service off the back of prioritized post paid customers...
    Is this what PPP is reducing itself too?
    I lost whatever respect I had for the work this online news source did in the past

    1. If you judge news articles by the comments, then did you ever really care about or read the articles themselves in the first place?

    2. Pay attention
      No one is judging articles by the comments
      What is being said is one should read an article pertaining to the subject being commented on
      When one doesn't one tends to make comments scapegoating MVNOs, prepaid carriers, and their customers
      Read people read

  10. Sprint, not TMO, is the reason why carriers went to $30
    You wouldn't know because you are too busy blaming non Anglo-Saxon America for your $30 Metro service. You will be the first person crying post merger when Metro and TMO tell you where to go with your Bible belt belly aching
    Your $30 is worthless in the tmo scheme
    Ask yourself:
    Why is lowly Sprint almost taking over TMO in this merger
    And as mentioned prior, read PPPN and you won't blurt out half baked premises
    You act like you know hard times and non anglo Saxon people are as irresponsible as you are
    If it wasn't for Boost Sprint and SoftBank you could never pay $30 monthly on a non Sprint MVNO
    Read archived articles and you might learn it was only 5 years ago Metro was laughing customers like you out the door escorted by security
    You were born with yout hand out and did nothing to deserve it yet you are as ungrateful as clarence Thomas at a Kwanzaa observance

    1. You know you're a bigot when you're putting down the second black Supreme Court judge, and arbitrarily implying people who criticize entitlement/privilege were the REAL privileged class all along.

      People who get a free lunch are downtrodden, but apparently people who shed sweat and sometimes even blood (if they're wearing a badge or a medal) for what they get are actually living the dream.

      Go figure.

    2. "Sprint, not TMO, is the reason why carriers went to $30"

      The only other carrier Sprint has had any influence at all on is Nextel, that that is because they bought it and destroyed it.

    3. Seems you are the bigot since you didn't comment on your cohort idiot who disrespected a race as a response to low income prepaid customers
      Again for your sake I hope low income don't isolate you anglA bums who mooch off the poor who sustain your carriers and enable you to spew venom because you are too busy bumming off the Verizons while trying to eradicate affordable carriers that compete and induce lower costs at Verizon and the like
      Usually when idiots are proven to be the idiots they actually are they go off the reservation and scapegoat fiscally responsible blacks and other non Anglo demographics
      The subject is the merger and prepaids as well as MVNOs
      Pay attention

    4. Verizon just stepped up it's prepaid game
      Boost and Sprint had nothing to do with that
      Verizon always is the leader in value and affordability
      I swear some of you commenting are illiterate and certainly incapable of civil dialogue

    5. Nextel was a phone with a walkie talkies feature
      Cursed be Sprint
      Were not for Sprint Nextel would be flourishing
      You are disillusioned
      Nextel was saved and given life support by Sprint
      Keep pushing to talk in 2018 though... lmmfao

    6. You never broke a sweat
      You are a slacker posting this comment while on your union shop job
      You stated nothing pertaining to the merger
      Probably because you can't being you are inept to identify credible facts and disseminate and sort details
      You cant comprehend that SoftBank owns and funnels capital into Sprint
      Despite being a subsidiary of Sprint and formerly an independent prepaid carrier Boost Mobile is simply a profitable part of Sprint
      Softbank intended to take over TMO and eventually yielded to a merger
      M and A if you will
      And the merger is desired to be as mutual as possible as far as Sprint's wishes
      Hopefully the scapegoating can cease in the comments

    7. "Verizon just stepped up it's prepaid game ...I swear some of you commenting are illiterate."

      It's always funny when a pedant bashes others for being "illiterate", but is too ignorant to even know the proper forms of its/it's.

      Well, they're you go again. Wouldn't you no it.

    8. "People who get a free lunch are downtrodden, but apparently people who shed sweat and sometimes even blood (if they're wearing a badge or a medal) for what they get are actually living the dream."

      That's the real skin color based "privilege".

    9. Can't shed light on the merger so you go low and act like someone took a knee during the national anthem
      Next time don't stop at insults just use the N word and blame N word people for anything wrong in the wireless telecom industry
      Worse racist is a coward
      Get some heart

    10. The pedant does details
      You however don't
      Details shemales bah humbug
      Just blurt tit for tat gibberish and screw details such things are minor
      The real detail is putting this uppity N word in a fiscal chain and get him out of his prepaid enabled autonomy
      Just remember to thank SoftBank for anything good happening for you from your carrier
      Pety tedious details but hey

    11. "...as ungrateful as clarence Thomas at a Kwanzaa observance"
      Anybody studied the history of the Kwanzaa holiday and the man created it?
      C. Thomas probably has. And I'd be very surprised if he found anything to be "thankful for" in that story.

  11. Competition is an indication of capitalism being in effect
    Competing MVNOs/prepaid carriers merging?
    Sounds like the reduction of competition and capitalism
    But new TMO promised lower prices
    We will see...

    1. You show no indication of capitalism. Capitalism is all about the people having control over their own property and fruits of their labor (in direct contrast to socialism, where the rulers control all of this).

      If the people involved choose to do such things as mergers, that is their choice, and also an expression of capitalism... no less so than cut-throat competition.

    2. People being customers chose this merger which probably raises monthly costs?
      That's not capitalism
      Competition is a feature of capitalism
      I can tell you are a union member
      M and A sounds like it's increasing or decreasing competition
      You sound like a damn fool
      After the merger competition will decrease
      This is why I don't like public schools

    3. It's more likely based on history that this merger will lower prices and/or significantly increase value.

      I'm not a union member. I am good at my job, so I don't need a union.

  12. Earlier today, however, BestMVNO reported that Verizon Prepaid has brought back this promotion. But instead of offering this directly to its customers, the prepaid brand decided to stick with its VIDAPAY dealers.

    $30/month - includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data (before 0.5 GB)


  13. Pay attention
    M and a activity
    Plus read an econ 101 text as it pertains to pros/cons
    Specifically monopolies
    You might learn something beyond your GED

  14. "You never broke a sweat
    You are a slacker posting this comment while on your union shop job"

    Don't knock it: being in a union is the best way to get rich while doing a lousy job. Cars falling apart or kids that can't read... As long as auto workers and teachers get grossly overpaid it's all great !

    It's great until suddenly the union factories are gone and everyone is buying superior non-union products. And public schools are collapsing because parents want to send thier kids to schools where teachers actually have to teach.

  15. There you go...
    Wouldn't you no it...
    Let me know when you pass the GED exam you keep failing by a wide margin
    Pay attention
    The subject is merger of TMO/Sprint and the effect on prepaids/MVNOs
    Attention deficit disorder having muh phuh...

  16. Economics tells us that rices rise when something is in short supply or there is not effective competition. New T-Mobile will NOT be a monopoly, and network capacity and coverage will increase massively when their 5G network is deployed across the US (new $40B investment).
    New T-Mobile will need to gain subscribers to earn a return on their $40B investment.
    Raising prices would not help them attract new customers.
    They would lose customers, wiping out much or all of the extra revenue/customer.
    New T-Mobile's promise to Congress, FCC and DoJ makes sense. The $6B operations savings also makes it easier for them to lower prices to steal customers from AT&T and Verizon. They will have the network, capacity and economic scale to be a very effective competitor, much stronger than a weak 5G Tmo and Sprint. Also, the FCC+DoJ may well require spectrum sell-off as a condition of the merger, and a new 1/2 carrier can be created.
    Relax. It will be an exciting and rewarding ride for all of us. Even if you don't use New T-Mobile or their MVNOs.

  17. Walmart can give deals and values
    Boost/Sprint can't
    When people of color get a deal it's social services/welfare
    When 'regular' people get a deal it's a deal
    $30 monthly Metro deal says you are poor white trash
    How dare you judge people of color and the companies and carriers servicing that demographic
    Quit whining and pay your bill

  18. Soon I will be inheriting an Iphone. I was going to go back to Metro PCS, as I've used them before and I enjoyed their service. But $50 a month? A couple of years ago they were charging that for two lines. I have Simple Mobile now and I pay $28 a month for service. I have a prepaid phone because I'm on a budget. I don't particularly care about having an Iphone; it's just that today cell phones are app driven. I just want a phone I can use without constantly worrying about running out of storage. My phone has 8gb of storage and guess what? Half of it was used out of the box. I was going to go back to Metro PCS but because of the merger and price hikes, forget it. My bill would nearly be double.

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