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Cox Turns Down Rumors It Will Enter MVNO Market

Over the past year, we've witnessed the foray of cable companies into the mobile industry. The first was Comcast's Xfinity Mobile, which despite having only launched last year, has been showing impressive figures.

Then a few months ago, Charter launched its own MVNO known as Spectrum Mobile. After its launch, Altice has expressed interest to follow suit and enter the MVNO business next year. Analysts have even predicted cable MVNOs will get up to 50% mobile phone adds in just two years.

Despite all these, it looks like there is one cable company that has no interest in entering the cellular market.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated after cable company Cox entered into a small cell agreement with Sprint. Many were quick to speculate that Cox was also taking a risk by joining the growing MVNO market. This was a rumor that the cable provider has since denied.

In its recent statement, Cox has reiterated that it had no plans of entering the mobile industry. The statement was released after a Wall Street firm sent a note to investors of an otherwise scenario. According to Macquarie Research, Cox was planning on launching an MVNO under Sprint's networks. This prompted a spokesperson from Cox to respond and turn down such rumors.

When asked for a comment, Sprint declined to speak for the cable company's behalf.

Considering the trend among cable companies, it's surprising to see that Cox does not intend to take the same route. Perhaps the cable company has other plans of its own.

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