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First 'Mobile Network as a Service' Platform Launched on Amazon Web Services

Just recently, Affirmed Networks unveiled its latest product called virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC). The announcement makes the service available to Amazon Web Services (AWS) mobile operators.

The virtualized mobile networks specialist references this as a "mobile network as a service" platform developed for the swift and economic delivery of 4G and 5G services of service providers. The process makes use of a scalable cloud infrastructure that eliminates the need for excessive capital investments.

With vEPC now available on AWS, Affirmed Networks believes it will have a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership for next-generation mobile services to be delivered. This platform gives operators a chance to deliver 4G and 5G services, MVNO wholesale services, enterprise data services, and IoT/M2M services without an expensive investment in either network infrastructure or dedicated data center. Not to mention, AWS has a global reach, making it easy for operators to expand to new markets and locations as a way of improving revenue without the need to increase its complexity.

One of the early adapters of the solution is European Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator, Transatel, who has long been a customers of Affirmed Networks. The business intends to use the solution to enter into a new business model where they will be able to serve enterprise and consumers throughout the world.

Transatel CEO Bertrand Salomon shares that this solution allows them "to cost-effectively expand into new markets in an 'on demand' manner, and thus accommodate rapid changes in dimensioning to foolow growth."

As of this writing, Affirmed Networks has over 80 customers situated in five continents; some of which are the largest and most innovative operators in the world.

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  1. ...interesting but curious how far this would go in Ajit Pai's open internet oasis!

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