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New MVNO Gen Mobile Unveils Plans

There's a new MVNO in town and they have plans that can compete with other players.

Back in July, Gen Mobile soft launched its business to welcome potential customers. A month later, the MVNO officially went live and unveiled their six phone plans:

  • $5 per month - Includes unlimited domestic and international texting only, no data and calls
  • $10 per month - Includes unlimited talk, text and global texting, no data
  • $10 per month - Includes 300 minutes, unlimited domestic and international texting, and 1GB of 4G LTE data, mobile hotspot

These plans include unlimited domestic and international texting, unlimited domestic and global calling to over 100 countries, $2 international calling credit, and mobile hotspot:
  • $15 per month - Includes 1GB of 4G LTE data 
  • $20 per month - Includes 2GB of 4G LTE data 
  • $25 per month - Includes 3GB of 4G LTE data

If the monthly inclusions are not enough, you can purchase add-ons at these prices: 
  • $5 - 500 minutes
  • $5 - $5 international calling credit
  • $5 - 500MB of 4G LTE data

The plans that contain data do not come with unlimited 2G once the data allotment has been consumed. Data is hard capped. Taxes and fees cost extra. There's also a $25 activation fee. 

One of Gen Mobile's selling factor is that they have a 15-day text freebie for consumers who fail to pay or renew their plan on time. This means that subscribers still have 15 days to be able to send domestic and international text messages when their monthly plan ends. Once the period is passed and no payment has been made, the service will be suspended. 

If you are interested in the plans offered by this MVNO, you can purchase a pre-owned phone from the MVNO or choose to bring your own device. 

Gen Mobile is running under Sprint's network. They currently have one physical store in Los Angeles, CA. 

Source: Gen Mobile


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  1. DOA. Hardly competitive and yet another newcomer in a highly volatile “MVNO” environment.

  2. Without Sprint, we'd be paying through the noses right now due to lack of competition and be forced to sign the threahed 2 yrs contract to get okay deal.

  3. Very appealing pricing though

  4. That $10 plan is unreal... except that I think Unreal gives 2G data after the 1GB high speed is used up.

  5. It sounds good if you use a lot of WIFI,$10 a month for unlimited talk and text is not a Bad deal,if you have good coverage in your area.

  6. If u want texting only get tello

  7. Thanks in part to the monthly eBay 15% off sale, I'm getting unlimited T&T, 5GB LTE with unlimited throttled thereafter on AT&T's network via Red Pocket for an effective $20/mo. These guys are kidding themselves if they think their offerings are going to attract much business.

  8. I like the $10 per month - Includes 300 minutes, unlimited domestic and international texting, and 1GB of 4G LTE data, mobile hotspot

    That's perfect for me, but Sprint is DOA.

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