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Spectrum Mobile Now Offers iPhone Devices

Things are looking good for Charter's MVNO, Spectrum Mobile.

Just recently, the company announced that they will start offering Apple iPhone devices. Back when it launched in the end of June, the Verizon MVNO only carried Android devices, particularly models from Samsung and LG.

Without any iPhone device available, analysts felt like the lineup had a huge gap with regards to providing options for its consumers. And since Apple has a smartphone user share of 45.1% in the U.S., it could be a big gap to fill-- even with Android expected to dominate the market until 2020.

The MVNO's announcement comes after they announced full deployment of the service in other parts of the country. Some of the areas where the service launched recently include Alabama, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and many others.

It is, indeed, looking great for the company. Despite this, Spectrum Mobile is still only available to customers who have purchased the wired internet service offered by the company.

As it continues to grow this year, Charter promised they will be offering bring-your-own-device services before the year ends. This will welcome more customers into the service, which they predict would have 650,000 new subscribers just this year alone.

Source: FierceWireless 


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  1. Spectrum Mobile is available without their wired internet service, albeit with a $20 monthly fee.

  2. I received my iphone xs 64 gb space gray on 9/28 from Spectrum (Verizon MVNO). After setting up I noticed a decreased lte signal and speeds compared to iphone 7 at home and other locations. I also noticed the wifi speed and signal strength were less than iphone 7 on 5 ghz. The xs could not go as far from router without losing signal. After about 6 hrs of having the xs the screen stopped responding to touch. I performed a reset volume up volume down hold side button and this did not fix issue. I connected to itunes and placed xs in dfu mode and restored from a backup which did not fix issue and then chose to set up as new iphone which also did not work as screen would not respond to touch. I contacted Spectrum on the morning of 9/29 to get a replacement. I requested they overnight a new device. Spectrum refused stating their only method of shipping is fedex 2 day. I requested issue be escalated and they said they could not escalate. Spectrum places restrictions unlike Verizon or Apple on shipments. A direct signature must be obtained only at address on account by adult. You cannot go into fedex manager and have shipment hold at location. Option is not available due to Spectrum restrictions, also can not sign delivery notice and leave at door. I asked them to change these restrictions since it requires a day off work. Spectrum said this is their process and cannot change it. I asked to have this escalated and they said they could not escalate. I said i was extremely dissatisfied with their policies. They asked if I wanted to cancel service. It seems they truly do not care about customer service. Wondered why Spectrum had every model of iphone xs and xs max in stock. Stay away from Spectrum as their customer service is non-existent.

    1. Just go to your local Spectrum store.

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