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Study Names AT&T as Best U.S. Network

Just recently, Verizon topped a study conducted by Helsinki research firm Rewheel on the average network capacity utilization. Out of the 80 wireless networks operators around the world, Verizon scored 57% landing its spot at the top. But when it comes to the best network in the U.S., another study begs to differ.

Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) revealed the results of its latest Best Network 2018 study earlier today. According to its network quality testing specialists, the provider with the best network is AT&T.

The firm utilized its unique OneScore approach to obtaining the results of the test. Through the methodology, real-life testing was gathered along with user impression surveys. The testing company drove around and carried testing equipment.

As a result of its study, AT&T was discovered as the carrier to top its Nationwide Test of Mobile Networks. This is followed by Verizon on second place, T-Mobile on third, and Sprint on fourth.

Despite it landing on the first spot, it's important to note that AT&T's ranking was an aggregate score that comes from several categories. For example, Verizon won the recognition for having the fastest upload speeds. T-Mobile's wideband codec got the best call quality prize.

As for AT&T, the company scored the top spot for the best video streaming and call retaining. It also scored well for reliability and throughputs. Overall, its score in network quality and stability is what led to its top spot in the test.

The testing was conducted between January and August 2018. You can read the full results of the test here.

Source: Phone Arena  

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  1. Where I live in the sticks they would get the award for the most congested network. Or perhaps the network most in need of upgrades. Verizon would not be far off since they have only deployed B13 here and are also congested. Sprint does ok here because they do not have many customers and T-Mobile dominates all others.

  2. Not here for coverage. Verizon ALWAYS wins for “out in the boonies” coverage.

  3. As usual these "studies" completely miss the point. The best network is the one that works well for YOU. I can work in a city where Sprint is the only network with building penetration. I can live in a town where Verizon is the only network with a tower. I can drive through areas where T-Mobile has the fastest speeds. There is nothing of value found in these broad-reaching conclusions. There is no such thing as "best" overall network.

    1. But don't you want the "best" when you shop around? :-)
      Marketing at its best.

  4. Another "paid results" test...yawn, next please....

  5. I just know that when call quality from a caller is really bad they are likely on Verizon when I ask after they call back from a "better spot"...We have HD-Audio on our Tmobile with most Tmobile friends

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