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Tello Starter Plan Promotion Gives 1 Month of Free Service to New Customers

Sprint MVNO Tello has a new promotion available for new customers.

Starting September 18, new customers who are interested in testing Tello's service will get a free month.

This free month of service includes 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text. The plan also includes mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada and China.

Tello calls this free month of service as a Starter Plan, which does not need any coupons. The offer will automatically be applied on the website.

Once the free month of service is up, you can choose to keep the plan and pay $14 per month under the Value Plan. Another option is to switch to another plan offered by Tello. The plans available include the following:
  • Economy Plan - includes 200 minutes, unlimited text, and 500MB of 4G LTE data for $10 per month
  • Smart Plan - includes unlimited minutes and text, 3GB of 4G LTE data for $24 per month
  • Data Plan - includes unlimited minutes and text, 10GB of 4G LTE data for $39 per month

All plans include mobile hotspot. Taxes and fees cost extra.

The free Starter Plan promotion is available until September 30, 2018.

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  1. Absolutely boring, like all the other MVNO “lures,” and then there is the automatic presence of a ZERO (Sprint) in the multiplication which makes sure to kill any interest.

  2. No merger, no sale

  3. I like Tello, and when my free year on Sprint postpaid ended I moved my iPhone 6S there. Today I released (swapped) my 6S MEID and wiped the phone so I could give it to my daughter to use on her Sprint postpaid account. Sprint CS says this phone is "no longer eligible" for use on a Sprint plan. 3 CS care reps cannot explain why. One of their online checkers says I still owe Sprint money on this phone, but I don't. The other checker says go to a Sprint store, but that would not have worked. The phone is just 'not eligible.'
    The MEID is clear to activate. The phone has always been unlocked. It's the same Sprint/global A1688 that works perfectly on their network, but it's 'not eligible' for Sprint postpaid. So it's back on Tello.
    PS: My wife's unlocked 6S A1633 is still 'eligible' at Sprint. She ported out of Sprint when I did. She is on Xfinity. Hmm... Secret business rules? Some BYOD only 'eligible' if coming from other networks?
    I sure hope the merger goes through.

    1. Tello CS might be able to help, they need to "release" the phone.

      If you look at the slickdeals thread on the Sprint BYOD free year you will see that many have resolved the issue you have experienced.

    2. Instead of "release" above I think I should say that I think the term used a lot in SD thread is to unflag or change a flag in the Sprint system. There was a ting (or tello??) employee on reddit that is mentioned often in the SD thread who was helping people who were stuck out.

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