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Ultra Mobile Quietly Adds More Data to a Couple of Its Plans

Ultra Mobile, an MVNO operating under T-Mobile's networks, has quietly made changes to its plans. The changes come in the form of higher data allotment on a couple of plans without affecting its prices.

With today's changes, Ultra Mobile's plans now look like this:

  • $19 per month - Comes with 500MB 4G LTE data (Unchanged)
  • $23 per month - Comes with 2GB of 4G LTE data (previously 1GB of 4G LTE data)
  • $29 per month - Comes with 5GB of 4G LTE data (previously 4GB of 4G LTE data)
  • $39 per month - Comes with 5GB of 4G LTE (Unchanged)
  • $49 per month - Comes with unlimited 4G LTE data (Unchanged)

The new changes to its plans show that the $29 and $39 per month plans have the same 5GB of 4G LTE data allotment. What makes the two plans different from each other, apart from their price, are the features that are included in them:

  • $23 per month plan - Includes Unlimited Talk to 75+ International Destinations and $5 Call Anywhere Credit 
  • $39 per month plan - Includes uTalk 

uTalk is an Ultra Mobile feature exclusively available on the $39 plan. This feature lets users enjoy up to 1,250 bonus minutes of talk to friends and family in 17 hand-picked international destinations (above and beyond the unlimited 75+ countries on their list). 

All plans come with Unlimited Talk to the USA and Global SMS, and $5 Rollover Roaming Credit.

Source: UltraMobile  


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  1. the $29 Ultra plan with 5gb is kinda tempting for my situation. would be switching from AT&T Prepaid $45 plan with 6gb but has rollover currently totaling over 10gb total for me. yet can see myself switching over to Ultra because of the drop in my monthly cost and still have unlimited data at lower speed after the 5gb of LTE data and myself not really using a ton of data nowadays. have Mint on my other backup phone. so it's not too much of a reach to go Ultra. or just go Mint with the mint 5gb plan with a further drop in cost BUT have to prepay months in advance. haha may end up switching sim cards and putting mint in my main phone and my freedompop at&t sim in my backup phone and dropping my at&t prepaid sim (or switch the at&t to paygo).

    1. As long as T-mobile works well indoors, go for it.

      I'd still say that AT&T's better coverage is worth it, even if their customer service is abysmal.

  2. nice plan, let us know how it works out, guess you have good Tmo & Att coverage

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