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US Mobile Offering $400 Back on Your iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max Purchase

Yesterday, Apple took the wraps off of its three newest iPhone models, namely the iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Many continue to talk about these three models and the new exciting features they possess, like a Dual SIM configuration, rugged frame, and larger battery life. At the same time, many can't help but shake their heads on the price tags of these new devices.

Not long after the unveiling, wireless service providers have started to compete with each other in making the cost for these devices a little bearable for their customers. T-Mobile has an iPhone trade-in deal that lets you save up to $300. Verizon, on the other hand, is offering a huge discount on those who decide to buy two iPhones.

For the prepaid market, one MVNO has an iPhone XR, Xs, or Xs Max offer that's worth checking out. If you're hoping to get your hands on one of the newest iPhone models released for this year, this could help you save some cash.

US Mobile's iPhone offer lets you get $400 back on your purchase of one of the new iPhone devices. All you have to do is buy your iPhone from Apple or another carrier and activate it with a US Mobile starter kit. You need to remain a US Mobile customer for 12 months so you can get your money back.

The catch, however, is that you don't get your $400 back in cash and in bulk. The discount will be returned to you via 24 monthly bill credits. Still, it's a pretty solid deal for these devices, which currently cost $749 (iPhone XR 64GB), $999 (iPhone Xs 64GB), and $1,099 (iPhone Xs Max 64GB).

If you are interested in this offer, you will have to order a US Mobile starter kit and enter the promo code CHEAP400 before checking out. After that, you will have to activate the line so you can start using it.

US Mobile uses T-Mobile and Verizon's networks.

Source: PhoneArena  


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  1. Bill credits are DOA

    1. Good for states like NE where US Cell has decent coverage. Wish FI had this deal too

  2. Apple is obviously creating VERY VERY inflated "list" prices. So it seems that each carrier is giving the customer a big break.....scam...

  3. Bill credits? Fail

  4. The $400 bill credit only applies to plans that are at $67 per month or more. US Mobile is being deceptive.

  5. I entered the CHEAP400 code when I ordered my SIM card, but when I emailed the US Wireless to confirm after receiving my packet I was told I there was no code. They offered me a "CHEAP100" code for $100 off instead -- bait and switch. I don't know if the discrepancy was due to an error or if it was intentional, but either way I'll be avoiding U.S. Wireless and its fake deals.

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