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Verizon Outage Reported in Several U.S. Cities

Verizon subscribers are currently having network-related issues.

The problem was first reported by DownDetector.com, after users complained of experiencing network outage since 7:50 am EDT Tuesday. The website has since reported the issue and posted that the outage peaked mid-morning. Ever since then, the complaints have been going down.

The website shows a live outage map with areas where connectivity issues are being experienced. The map shows that the issue affects both Florida and Texas the most, as well as the areas along the East Coast. This stays consistent with the cities where the complaints come from:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Brooklyn
  • Dallas
  • Georgetown
  • Houston
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma City
  • Tampa
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

Majority of the complaints received by DownDetector were related to customers' issues about making and receiving calls over Verizon's network. Some others complained that they were unable to access the internet via their smartphones. A small number complained that their landline internet connection with Verizon is affected by the issue.

A comment on the website advised a workaround with the issue, which will allow you to use your phone during the outage. But this workaround option disables your ability to use data while you're on a call. This is a bit risky but worth taking a shot, especially if you need to make calls. If you do try out this option, you have to remember to turn it all back on after.

Source: DownDetector  

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  1. Why would it be risky to disable data while making a call? I find it amusing that a few minutes without data is a matter of concern.

    I left my phone at home yesterday when I went to work. Somehow, I managed to survive the day....

  2. Your $75 to $125 plus taxes at work

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