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Visible Wireless Now Available Without Invite Code

Back in May, Verizon introduced its newest prepaid brand called Visible Wireless. Even though they owned the brand, it operates separately from the wireless carrier. During the time it launched, Visible offered service via an invite code. It was also exclusively available to iPhone users. But it looks like some important changes are taking place over at the new prepaid brand.

Visible Wireless is opening its doors to everyone. Instead of requiring an invite code, anyone can signup for service. When you sign up, you will be getting service under Visible's one and only plan-- a $40 per month plan that includes unlimited minutes, messaging, data and mobile hotspot. There is a limit of 5 Mbps for data speeds and 1-3 Mbps for video streaming.

One thing you have to know about Visible, however, is that they collect information when customers use their service. Among the data they collect include phone calls, text messages, visited websites, mobile apps used, and other wireless network and device information. This includes IP address, connection speed, location, mobile telephone number, browser type, operating system, device and advertising identifiers.

As for it being an iPhone-exclusive brand, Visible has not yet changed this. They will continue being exclusive to iOS users for a while.

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  1. Thank you for reporting the privacy issues. That helped me avoid making the mistake of signing up with them.

    1. All those things are... Visible to them!

    2. I don't think there's any wireless company that doesn't do this.

  2. I used them but I am switching back to another MVNO. Aside from the privacy issues, the service sometimes be interrupted out of nowhere. It happened to me during a work phone interview and it was so embarrassing not having usable service. If you are willing to put up with those things, then go ahead.

  3. "Visible Wireless Now Available Without Invite Code"

    This is about as exciting as an exclusive night club which only serves brussels-sprouts hors d'oeuvres and Zima, while playing the "Hamster Dance" in an endless loop on the sound system FINALLY letting people come in on their own.

  4. Visible and droid make the perfect combo. People who capitulated to G will feel right at home. Big shrug - they rationalize everybody does it and they can’t prevent it so just enjoy the cheap prices.

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