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Xiaomi Surprises Competition With First Smartphone to Get 5G Support

The world's first 5G smartphone is set to launch next month, and no it's neither from Motorola or LG.

Around a week ago, Xiaomi gave a sneak peek into its upcoming Mi Mix 3 flagship smartphone. The render showed off the notch-dodging slider mechanism of the Mi Mix 3, among its many other features.

But during its unveiling, Xiaomi did not specify whether or not the device included 5G support. News about the Mi Mix 3's 5G support feature broke today with a photo released by product management director, Donovan Sung.

With the phone all set for launch next month, it will notably be the first 5G smartphone to be commercially available. Even though Motorola's Moto Z3 smartphone was released last month, it still lacked a Moto Mod that would provide it its 5G capability. Moreover, LG's planned 5G smartphone with Sprint has not yet been heard from in the public ever since it first made headlines. Considering these two factors, Xiaomi has definitely beat the competition in launching the first 5G smartphone in the market.

The only problem is... the 5G networks throughout the country are not yet ready. Even though the Mi Mix 3 is available in the public, users still have to wait until 5G's official rollout next year.

But for now, the Mi Mix 3 is a confirmed device that users can soon get their hands on as early as October 2018.

Source: The Verge

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  1. Useless gesture.

    It'll just be yesterday's old and busted by the time 5G is ready for prime time, and the market will be cornered by future phones' new hotness.

    Sure, it could be old busted hotness if it did something new and special first.

    But since 5G is useless until the infrastructure's been deployed and turned on, your current phone will likely carry you all the way into 2019.

  2. How is this phone applicable to the US market? I would assume that all 4 major US carriers will use a wide variety of bands, and likely Sprint will still stick to CDMA for a long while (maybe Verizon also). What is the chnce that this phone will support all 4 carriers? Or is this still Att and tmobile only?

    1. It's completely irrelevant.

      Xiaomi, despite being praised universally for its powerful and affordable of products, still hasn't released a universal device for the US market.

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