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Boost Mobile is Currently Running a Discount on the LG G6

A poster on Reddit's forum discovered an in-store only promotion that lets you save a lot of money on the LG G6.

The poster, sappypappy, found the deal on the G6 sub and called to confirm with a local Boost Mobile store. Turns out, the deal is real and is available through select dealers.

If you've been thinking of getting the LG G6, you can take advantage of this Boost Mobile offer. Instead of paying $599 for a new phone, you only have to pay $49.99. The deal is available for port ins (except Sprint) and with a new line of service at least $50 per month or higher. 

If you opt for the base Boost Mobile plan this deal is compatible with, it will give you unlimited talk, text and LTE data, and 8GB of mobile hotspot. Adding the cost of the phone with the first month of service and tax and activation, you will have to pay $125 for the new phone. Still, that lets you save $474 on a new phone and service.

As pointed out by BestMVNO, the deal is available via select dealers. The offer ends in different dates through these dealers, with some pointing to an availability until January 7, 2019. 

Source: Reddit  

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  1. also boost just increased hotspot to 12gb on $50 plan, 30 gb on $60 plan and 50gb on $80 plan. If you live in metro area with good service this is a awesome deal for you.

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