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Boost Mobile Quietly Launched Bring Your Own Phone Promotion

Boost Mobile quietly launched a Bring Your Own Phone promotion via its website.

The promotion was first noticed by a HowardForums poster, who was able to port in a number using a Moto G6. It is also live on the Sprint prepaid brand's website.

According to the promotion, you can get an unlimited LTE data plan for $25 per month when you bring your own phone.

Under this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. Mobile hotspot is also unlimited but there is an existing LTE data cap for the first 8GB. After this LTE data is consumed, the speed is reduced to 3G. The plan also includes 50 domestic voice roaming minutes.

The promotion price already includes taxes and fees. Data prioritization is observed after 35GB of data in a month.

As of this writing, there is no information on which phones are qualified under this promotion. The basic rules, however, continue to apply (no Sprint and Virgin Mobile branded phones). There is a device eligiblity checker on Boost Mobile's website that you can use to verify if your phone is compatible for this promotion.

This promotion is available until November 5, 2018.

Source: HowardForums 

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  1. Boost is kind of redundant now. The deals with Metro and Cricket are a lot better for significantly better coverage. It will be interesting to see what happens once the merger goes through, even though I am honestly hoping it won't happen.

  2. Better than $25? I'd like to see that!

  3. Boost has the better deals Metro and Cricket have better coverage. You can't get unlimited data text and talk for $25 at Cricket or MetroPCS. Especially after Metro rebranded to Metro by Tmobile they increased there prices

    1. You get what you pay, for, really. The good deals on handset on Sprint only let you use them in a tiny percent of the country. You get a much better network with Metro (and even better with Cricket), so the handset deals cost a lot more.

    2. You *can* get unlimited data, talk, and text on Cricket for $25 (throttled to 3 Mbps) through a Cricket multi-line discount group. You can find one to join in the CricketGroups reddit.

      You can also get unthrottled unlimited data for about $37 in that same reddit.

  4. do you have to bring a number or can you get a new one?

  5. The Boost Mobile website does show which unlocked phones are compatible for this deal and Best Buy has had this same promotion for a few months, also the hotspot is reduced to 2g not 3g after the 8gb LTE is used

    1. Someone said the Moto G6 Unlocked works and costco has it for $240. I think unlocked iphones work too.

  6. I tried signing up for this promotion. I have a boost phone I purchased a year ago and never activated. Boost was unable to offer the plan unless the phone is from a different carrier other than boost. Go figure. Even though the imei is allowing me to sign up, boost does not allow me to sign up. Their list of acceptable phones is extremely limited.

    1. The have a IMEI check on their website for compatible phones and here is the list - Eligible phones include:

      Alcatel IdolTM 5S
      Blue S1/Vivo S
      Essential Phone
      Orbic Wonder

      iPhone 5c (Verizon only)
      iPhone 5s (Verizon only)
      iPhone 6
      iPhone 6 Plus
      iPhone 6s
      iPhone 6s Plus
      iPhone 7 (Verizon only)
      iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon only)
      iPhone SE
      iPhone® 8
      iPhone® 8 Plus
      iPhone® X

      LG X charge (Amazon Only)
      LG V30S
      LG Stylo 4

      Moto E4
      Moto E4 Plus
      Moto G4
      Moto G4 Plus
      Moto G5 Plus
      Moto g5s
      Moto X4
      Moto Z2 Play
      Moto G6
      Moto G6 Play

      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Special Edition
      Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition
      Samsung Galaxy S8
      Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition
      Samsung Galaxy S8+
      Samsung Note 8 SE
      Samsung Galaxy S9
      Samsung Galaxy S9+
      Samsung Galaxy S9 Special Edition
      Samsung Galaxy S9+ Special Edition
      Samsung Galaxy Note9

    2. Thanks for posting this info. I have an iPhone 5s from Boost that I never opened nor activated, but when checking the imei, I see the financial block on it. I paid $200 to buy it from Best Buy store while on a road trip. Assuming I might encounter the same issue you’ve reported trying to use this phone. Unlocking looks like it’s syill a pain. Kicking myself for the impulse purchase.

    3. The compatible phones are not boost branded or any other carrier branded they have to be unlocked. Unlocking Iphones is expensive

    4. Our Verizon iPhone 6S and 7, and Sprint iPhone 6 are all compatible. Another iPhone 6S Global I just sold is also compatible, even though Sprint wouldn't activate it again on postpaid after I took it off the free year plan. Boost detected that our AT&T iPhone SE and a relative's AT&T iPhone 6S are locked ("Bummer.."); they must be tapping into the Apple phone status database when they do these checks.

  7. Does anyone have a link to this promotion? All Boost dealers in my area deny this promotion exists.

    1. Boost dealers will deny that the Earth is round if you ask them also.

  8. I found the link. Finally, an online Boost deal.

  9. Very strange... the promo states very clearly that you have to buy your Boost SIM card online, but even though my BYOD, unlocked phone passes the MEID checker, there is no way to purchase the SIM card -- it just keeps going back to the MEID checker. Has anyone else tried this and gotten to "step 2" (ordering the SIM card) successfully?

    1. I tried MEID checker for two different phones, one Boost phone, with the same experience as yours, and one eligible, unlocked phone, that gave me the option to order the SIM, ...so I would conclude, that not all phones passing MEID checker are eligible (?)

    2. You don't have to buy a new Boost SIM to get the promotion. Click the button that says Activate Now if you already have one.

  10. It says the deal applies only to new customers. I have a phone on boost so does that disqualify me?

    1. You can forfeit your current boost plan, its phone number the phone used in your account and then start a new account with Boost to get this deal

  11. The Sprint Prepaid $25 unlimited plan it seems has ended... https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/plans/unlimited-kickstart.html?ECID=AFF:PH:clarkhowardinc&utm_source=PH&utm_medium=affiliate&dclid=CMnU_7vqjd4CFaG9swodWlgOpw

  12. On the article, it says, "Mobile hotspot is also unlimited but there is an existing LTE data cap for the first 8GB. After this LTE data is consumed, the speed is reduced to 3G."

    Could someone from prepaidphonenews.com please confirm if that "3G" is a typo? If not a typo, what speed of 3G? 128 kbps? 256 kbps? 1 Mbps? Thank you.

    1. It is reduced to 2g with hotspot speeds ranging 35 to 70kbps, will go above 70 kbps in a moving vehicle for several minutes at a time as the vehicle goes near different Sprint towers

  13. I'm torn between this plan and the free 1 year Sprint deal. Just don't feel like the credit check points loss for the Sprint direct plan. Thinking this plan might be a good way to test out Sprint coverage in my building first. Tried Tello, and like them, but data wasn't cheap enough to run speedtests all over the building to get a real sense.

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