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Consumer Cellular Expands Business With Wireless Home Phone

Consumer Cellular has been expanding its offering in an aggressive scale.

Because of its strategy, it has been able to exceed its goal of having a subscriber count of 3 million this year. And along with other areas they intend to grow, it won't be long before they hit their projected $1 billion annual revenue.

One way the AT&T MVNO expanded its offering is by entering into other market segments. Early this year, the MVNO started offering the GrandPad, a tablet that was particularly designed for seniors. By offering this tablet, Consumer Cellular was able to tap into that market and gain their business. Not to mention, the MVNO offers exemplary customer service.

There is one other way that Consumer Cellular is positive about entering. Earlier today, the MVNO unveiled its plans to offer the ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base. By offering this, the MVNO intends to tap into homes that still use a landline device and convert these to a new service line. Subscribers get to keep their current home phone number but use it whenever they travel.

You can purchase the phone base at $50. If you are already a Consumer Cellular subscriber, you can quickly add the line to your account for $15 per month. The minutes will be shared between the home phone base and the Consumer Cellular line but there is an option to get unlimited shared calling by paying $20 per month. Calls between both lines, however, are free.

If you are interested in this home phone base offer by Consumer Cellular, you simply need to plug the device into an outlet and plug your existing home phone into the base. After that, you'll be all set to make and receive phone calls. The phone base works on both corded and cordless telephones.

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  1. Interesting, the ZTE Home Base also has an ethernet port and data capabilities, I wonder if they're planning on turning that on as an option eventually?

  2. This is not exactly a new service. The unit you show in the picture is apparently a slightly new design since it has two antennas, but I have had a Consumer Cellular home phone device for three years (with one antenna).

    They ran a promotion during which I got the unit for free, just paying sales tax.

  3. This is a little misleading, because Consumer Cellular already sold Wireless Home Phone services in the past.

    For some reason (maybe lack of success or lack of customers?) they stopped selling it a while back.

    And now they're trying again, with roughly the same device and service... But they still need to update their main plans page to make it clear that you can use the WHP as an extra line on your main plan.

  4. I worked at Target and always had snowbirds come in with their home device and home phone with them. I never coulg get one to work. Consumer Cellular saud it was coverage oriblems but their cellphones worked fine.

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