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Cricket Wireless Unveils Two New Phones, Donates Money to AMP

So much has happened over at Cricket Wireless over the weekend.

To enumerate, the AT&T prepaid brand welcomed the addition of two smartphone models to its lineup. Not only that, Cricket Wireless has also made a donation to the Atlanta Music Project.

Apple iPhone XR

Last Friday, Cricket Wireless revealed the big news as they started to offer the latest iPhone XR. The specs of this smartphone include a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, A12 Bionic chip, IP67 water and splash resistance, Face ID, and TrueDepth camera system.

Cricket is offering three storage options for the iPhone XR: 64GB at $749.99, 128GB at $799.99, and the 256GB at $899.99. You can opt to pair this new iPhone model with any of its plans.

Samsung Galaxy A6

In addition to the new iPhone XR, Cricket has plans to add another top-of-the-line smartphone to its lineup. Earlier today, the prepaid brand announced that it will be offering the Samsung Galaxy A6 beginning November 2.

The Galaxy A6 comes with a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display with an octa-core processor, 32GB onboard memory, up to 400GB memory expansion via a microSD card, and a couple of 16-megapixel sensors in front and the back.

Right now, Cricket has not revealed pricing for the Galaxy A6 but it should be available in a few days.


Another announcement Cricket Wireless made last Friday was its $125,000 donation to the Atlanta Music Project (AMP). According to its release, the money will be used as full scholarship funding for 100 students to be part of the All Star Youth Orchestra & Choir. The donated money will be used to pay for the students' instruments, musical accessories, transportation, and uniforms so they can participate in the choir.

Way to go, Cricket!

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  1. Wow! I think they should be making needed upgrades to their network instead of giving money to the AMP.

  2. Any hints of other upcoming Cricket phone promos ?

  3. If they have that kind of money why do I have to pay them to use the mobile hotspot on my phone? Shouldn't the phone features come with the phone without bilking me for even MORE money? Makes me rethink about who my next carrier will be....bet it's not cricket!

    1. They're not stupid. They know when you hotspot you will suck down A LOT more mobile data. Which costs them extra money and profit. So rather than charging everyone more and including hotspot, they just charge the data pigs extra.

  4. Why spend on network upgrades and spectrum rollout when you can stage a progressive PR stunt with your customers' money and call it a day.

    1. They can slide if they want. Cricket's network is significantly better than T-Mobile's, and three times as good as Sprint's.

      As long as Cricket is giving me a signal where T-Mobile and Sprint are no where to be seen, they don't have to do much different than what they are doing.

  5. Generally Cricket network is better than t-mo though in Greater Los Angeles area differences and minimal and in some areas like Santa Monica by a small margin sprint and t-mo are better, I am cricket custumer now good service I wish they add more data to their $30 and $40 plans

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