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FCC Urges Carriers To Be More Lenient With Customers Affected By Hurricane Michael

During times of an emergency, communication plays an important role in helping save lives. This is particularly true with natural disasters that wreck havoc in their path.

One example for this is Hurricane Michael, which recently struck the southeastern part of the country. The hurricane caused devastation when it destroyed thousands of homes along its way.

In addition to this, the networks of several major mobile carriers were affected by the calamity, causing problems with communication. Despite the quick response of emergency teams, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is still dissatisfied with their restoration efforts.

Earlier today, FCC chairman Ajit Pai expressed his disappointment on the speed and scope of restoration efforts taken by the carriers. To further understand this, Pai has ordered the FCC's Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau to investigate the response of the carriers. The chairman has also urged mobile network operators to be more understanding of their customers and waive their monthly bills; especially to those who do not have coverage for some time.

Another action that Pai wishes to instill among carriers is to allow their unhappy customers to switch to another carrier without being obligated to pay early termination fees. After all, they need to be able to deliver constant communication and respond better during times of a calamity.

So far, both AT&T and Verizon have announced their decision to waive monthly fees of affected customers. For AT&T customers, overage charges between the dates of October 10 and 21 are waived for selected counties. Verizon customers, on the other hand, will be getting three months of mobile service for the inconvenience.

Even though Verizon is noted as the largest carrier in the country, it was unable to quickly respond to the damage caused by the hurricane. To be fair, their infrastructure seems to be the one that is most affected by the calamity. The hurricane left the carrier with unprecedented damage to its fiber network, which has been taking a while to get back its services online. Verizon's decision to offer three months of free service comes as a much needed breath of fresh air, especially for those that have been greatly affected by the hurricane.

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  1. Does Pai even understand the cost and logistics of repairing a devastated mobile infrastructure, or is this just a self-serving PR stunt?

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