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Google News Bug Causing Overcharges on Users' Data

Google News is currently in hot water with its users after the discovery of a bug that has caused a ton of data to be downloaded in the background.

The bug was first noticed after a number of posts on Google News' Help Forum showed the issue that users experienced. Apparently, the issue has been ongoing as early as June but it was never put into the limelight.

In September, a Google News community manager verified and addressed the issue. The manager also promised that Google was already investigating the bug and working at fixing it.

Unfortunately, the issue continues to cause a dilemma for smartphone users. Apparently, the bug is causing tons of data download in the app background. And for users who rely on their cell phone data, this can lead to expensive overages.

So far, there have been reports of the app consuming up to 28GB in a single night. The bug has also caused overage charges of up to $96.


To be fair, Google News is already aware of the issue and they have promised that they are working at getting the issue resolved as soon as possible. The question is, when will they find a fix for the bug?

In the meantime, if you are using Google News on your device, it may be best that you disable Background data. You can find this setting under the Data Usage Section of the app info page. Once you have successfully disabled Background data, you'll be safe from any unwanted charges.

Source: Google News Forum  



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  1. Of course Google probably doesn't really care. If they've known about the bug as long as they have and are no scrambling to solve the issue nor are they providing workarounds, then they really don't care.

  2. When I had Androids I always disabled many of the Google apps, and other apps, and then turn of 'background data' for most apps.

    To do these you can go to Apps in Settings. Just be carefull to not uninstall or disable essential apps, nor turn off background data for essential apps like Messages.

  3. I guess that's the price you pay for subscribing to fake news.

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