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H2O Wireless Changes Data Allotment on Its Plans

Last week, H2O Wireless announced that new customers were getting a 50% off discount on the first month of service for a limited time period. Today, the AT&T MVNO revealed that they have extended the promotion for a few more days.

In addition to changing the end date of the promotion, H2O Wireless has also changed the data allotment on the plans after the deal ends. With the changes in place, the plans include the following data:

  • $20 plan - includes 1GB of data for first 3 months, 500MB after promotion ends
  • $30 plan - includes 4GB of data for the first 3 months, 3GB after promotion ends (previously 2GB of data)
  • $35 plan - includes 5GB of data for first 3 months, 4GB after promotion ends (previously 3GB of data)
  • $40 plan - includes 8GB of data for the first 3 months, 7GB after promotion ends (previously 6GB of data)
  • $50 plan - includes 8GB of data 
  • $60 plan - includes 10GB of data 

These plans include unlimited international talk to 50+ countries and international text; along with a free $10 international talk credit. A $20 international talk credit is included on higher-tiered plans starting at $40 per month.

This promotion has been extended until 12 AM EST on October 12, 2018.

Source: H2O Wireless 

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  1. I'll stick with Net10.

  2. also a heads up, they increased the data on the multiple line discounts. 2 lines for $50 with 3GB at LTE, used to be 2GB

  3. Or Cricket 5 lines for $100 grandfathered plan. 5GB LTE data. Unbeatable.

    1. That's a ripoff if you only need 2 lines.

    2. Keyword is "grandfathered". Can't get that anymore. What a cricket shill.

    3. Careful. Don't want to wake the 'T-Mobile Secret Plan' braggart.

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