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Limited Time Offer: $20 For Every Successful Referral on Tello Mobile

Everyone loves getting free stuff and rewards. This is why Tello Mobile improved its referral program.

Earlier today, the Sprint MVNO revealed a newly refreshed referral program.

Instead of the original $10 credit award to each referrer, Tello is now offering $20. This amount goes to the referrer for every successful referral they made that signs up with the service. In return, the new customer also earns a $10 credit to his account.

If you have any friends or family members you would like to be part of Tello Mobile, you simply need to send them your unique referral code. You can find this on your Tello account dashboard, once you are signed in.

So what can you do with your earned referral credit? You can use it to make any purchases from Tello. With enough credits, you can get a discount on a mobile phone purchase or pay next month's service.

Unfortunately, the new $20 credit will only be available for a limited time. The $20 referral credit will only be available until November 15. Once that period has passed, every successful referral earns the referrer the original $10 credit.

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  1. https://tello.com/?_referral=P32Q87H2 There you go for $10 tello dollars when you sign up. Thanks

  2. Tello sucking air so is TextNow. In time, belly up for both.

    1. so many haters. yes you can be critical -- but to wish all out ultimate failure on a company??!? it's like all they see is failure. makes you wonder if that's all they really encounter in life. so sad.

      personally have both tello (on multiple phones for family) and also the textnow freebie app on one of my phones. all excellent.

      sorry but the haters are all just sprouting hogwash opinions of nonsense that are worth zero.

    2. What makes you think that Tello cavitation is immanent?

    3. 'Cavitation...' How nautical of you! ;-)

    4. Any Sprint-based MVNO which hides that it won't work meet the needs of most Americans. is being dishonest by a HUGE omission. So yes, I would count myself as one of those who wishes that such a business whose model is based on fooling people DOES go belly-up.

      Look at this flagrantly dishonest paragrapy: "Coast-to-coast wireless coverage is provided on Nationwide Sprint® Network*. Forget about dropped calls, loading issues or slow data speeds"

      Having a small presence on both boasts and sporadic coverage in between stretches the the definition of "coast to coast", and having no data speed at all in most places makes for a very slow average speed (not to mention "loading issues" where you can't load a thing except in a msall area!). Sprint also has a very high complaint rate for "dropped calls".

      So, all of their claims are proven lies. I hope they crash bad,

    5. "..Sprint-based MVNO which hides that it won't work meet the needs of most Americans. is being dishonest.."
      No, being dishonest is hate-spin like this: "Having a small presence on both boasts and sporadic coverage in between.."
      People don't need an anonymous blogger who hates Sprint to read the coverage map for them. About 83% of Americans live and work in urban areas, and most of those won't need coverage that Sprint doesn't offer. Even "sporadically." If they do, they can use Sprint postpaid, Virgin Inner Circle, Twigby or Ting.
      So it's the Sprint-basher "claims are proven lies."

  3. Because it is a disreputable fly-by-night MVNO, apt to go out of business at any moment with a few hours notice... *cough* PTel *cough* Defense *cough* many others... taking any advance payment and your phone number with them.

    If you want to reliability to be able to pick up your phone and not get service-disconnected messages because someone is in the airplane at that moment with the assets of the MVNO (including your payments) to the Grand Cayman Islands, only go with an honest reputable large MVNO.

    "What makes you think that Tello cavitation is immanent?"

    1. @Anon 10/19/18 at 1:20 PM,
      You wrote, "...only go with an honest reputable large MVNO."

      If you have any that you might recommend, especially for those of us currently on the Sprint network, could you (or anyone else) please share them with us here? Thank you in advance for your reply.

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