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Net10 Wireless Offering Double Data for Switchers

Net10 Wireless is currently running a promotion intended for switchers.

For a limited time period, switchers can enjoy double data on either the $35 or $40 plan they activate service on. These plans include the following features:

  • $35 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of high speed data
  • $40 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text and 4GB of high speed data 

With the double data promotion in place, the data on each plan is doubled to 4GB ($35 plan) and 8GB ($40 plan).

This promotion is available for new activations with port-ins only. It expires on Dec. 31, 2018.

Source: Net10 Wireless


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  1. Garbage, just like most AM brands.

  2. AM is not garbage at all they are #1 for prepaid mobile!

  3. #1 customer disservice circus, no one can top their level of larceny.

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