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Sprint Giving 1 Month Service Credit to Customers Affected by Hurricane Michael

A few days ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expressed their disappointment on the speed and scope of response given by wireless providers. FCC chairman Ajit Pai even urged mobile network operators to waive the monthly bills of their customers and be more understanding of their situation.

This request has been attended to by Verizon, by offering three months of free service to those affected by Hurricane Michael.

Sprint, another wireless provider that has encountered massive damage, has responded to the FCC's request by crediting one month recurring charge for customers situated in affected counties. The counties on the list include Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington. This is Sprint's attempt to help out its customers as they recover from the storm's havoc.

According to Sprint, each customer will receive the credit in their account. The credit will be enough to cover the service plan cost, as well as its fees. Any optional add-ons and equipment fees are not covered from the credit. Sprint customers are still required to pay the amount due on their bill but can expect a bill credit to be applied in a later billing cycle.

Sprint has set up a page on its website where you can view progress updates on its service restoration efforts in areas hit by Hurricane Michael. Right now, the wireless provider has promised that a significant number of affected areas already have service.

The restoration team is still encountering difficulty in restoring service in areas that were hit hard by the storm. This struggle is caused by fiber backhaul restoration delays and ongoing commercial power outages. Rest assured, they are working real hard at restoring service.

You can keep track of their progress here.

Source: Sprint Newsroom  

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