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Tello Gives Out Free Month of Service Promotion to New Customers Once Again

Last month, Tello Mobile unveiled a promotion where they gave a free month of service to new customers.

The promotion included service under their Starter Plan, which gave new customers a month's worth of unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data. The plan also included mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, and China.

Unfortunately, the promotion was only available until September 30. New customers who were able to get the free month were given a choice of keeping the plan and paying $14 per month for the plan, or upgrade to a different plan.

Because of the success of last month's promotion, the Sprint MVNO has decided to repeat the free month offer to new customers.

Starting today until the end of the month, new customers can test out Tello Mobile by getting a free month of service under their Value Plan. This promotion includes the same features as last month's offer-- unlimited talk and text, 1GB of data, mobile hotspot, and unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, and China. The only difference is that Tello has changed the name of the plan.

Regularly, the plan still costs $14 per month excluding tax. After the first free month, customers can opt to keep the plan and pay $14 per month or opt for another plan. Some of Tello's plans include the following options:
  • Economy Plan - includes 200 minutes, unlimited text, and 500MB of 4G LTE data for $10 per month
  • Smart Plan - includes unlimited minutes and text, 3GB of 4G LTE data for $24 per month
  • Data Plan - includes unlimited minutes and text, 10GB of 4G LTE data for $39 per month

These plans do not include tax so this will cost extra. Mobile hotspot is included across all plans. 

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  1. Just as unattractive as ever. Sprint. Taxes and fees. The parent Sprint “operator” can’t even give their service away for free itself.

  2. Their economy plan is not worth comparing with RED POCKET 10 dollar plan.

    1. Right. Red Pocket only gives 500 SMS and serves up very poor customer service. No comparison.

    2. Tello only gives 200 min. & the few times I've dealt with RP CS it was fine, so yeah, no comparison, RP offers more for your $10/mo.

    3. Not to mention RP doesn't force you onto Sprint native only, with RP you can choose what MNO you want/need.

    4. RP lied about their Sprint paygo plan including mobile data for 3 months on their website and during CS calls. They kept us on hold for 30+ minutes and then hung up on us, repeatedly. They finally admitted on the website that no data was included, after thousands of customers were fooled into buying. Their reps could barely speak English at all, read from bogus scripts, and then put people on hold while they supposedly asked someone who know an answer that was not in the scripts. Then we were cut off. TERRIBLE service. RP = A RIPOFF. Tello gives UNLIMITED sms and GREAT customer service, and you can buy extra minutes CHEAP and only when you NEED them.

  3. Never had a problem with Red Pocket going back at least a few years. Been using them for several lines that I administer for extended family.

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