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Twigby Makes New Changes to Plans

Twigby has once again refreshed its cell phone plans to fit the needs of its customers.

Earlier today, the Sprint and Verizon MVNO announced that it has made changes to its plan lineup. Among the changes include removing, lowering prices, and adding new plans.

Here are the new Twigby voice plan options in a nutshell:
  • 300 minutes - $9 per month (unchanged)
  • 500 minutes - $11 per month (unchanged)
  • Unlimited - $13 per month (previously $15 per month)

Twigby Data Plan Options:

  • 200MB - $3 per month (previously 150MB)
  • 1GB - $6 per month (previously 600MB)
  • 2GB - $10 per month (unchanged)
  • 3GB - $15 per month (unchanged)
  • 5GB - $20 per month (previously $25)
  • 10GB - $30 per month (new data plan)

Prices do not include taxes and fees. All plans include unlimited 2G data. Once the allotted monthly high speed data is used up, the data speed reverts to 2G. Mobile hotspot/tethering is allowed. 

For a limited time period, Twigby is offering 25% off on the first 6 months of service for new customers. The discount is applicable for both monthly voice and data plans. With the discount in place, Twigby's plans look like this: 

Voice Plans:

  • 300 minutes - $6.75 instead of $9 per month 
  • 500 minutes - $8.25 instead of $11 per month 
  • Unlimited - $9.75 instead of $13 per month  

Data Plans:

  • 200MB - $2.25 instead of $3 per month
  • 1GB - $4.50 instead of $6 per month 
  • 2GB - $7.50 instead of $10 per month 
  • 3GB - $11.25 instead of $15 per month 
  • 5GB - $15 instead of $20 per month
  • 10GB - $22.50 instead of $30 per month 

Twigby has no mention of when the promotion will expire. To learn more about the promotion, visit their website.

Source: Twigby  


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  1. They are a Sprint MVNO that offers voice and text only roaming on Verizon, so they should not be characterized as Sprint and Verizon.

    Their own website is a bit misleading in this regard as well!

    1. Exactly... In 2018, a scheme that only allows data in a tiny area does not cut it.

      Despite claims from Sprint fans that 200mb a month of roaming data on Verizon is "more than enough" and even less than that in Sprint "Expanded Coverage" areas as "great"

    2. You’re confused. Sprint treats ‘extended network’ areas as native coverage, included in your plan. So data isn’t limited there - your plan determines any limits.

    3. Actually, in practice, Sprint often allows little or no data in the "extended areas" compared to places with real Sprint coverage.

    4. Sprint does not limit data use in extended areas if you have postpaid or the right plan. We have Virgin Inner Circle and use quite a lot of data camping in a rural area that does not have native Sprint coverage. I have never been blocked from connecting in extended areas.

    5. Sprint limit data in extended areas by refusing to provide it. If you read the fine print to their service, they consider coverage in the extended areas to be entirely optional and on the whim of Sprint. There very widespread reports of people simply not getting Sprint data in these areas.

    6. Those few posts on a blog are false. The people were lost, could not read the map or made up a story just to flame Sprint. The contract fine print says you are not guaranteed coverage everywhere every time. That is in every contract, not just Sprint. Extended coverage areas let everyone with the right plan to connect to partners networks. Just like it says on the Sprint website and coverage map. You cannot make this coverage 'disappear' even if you do hate Sprint.

  2. Twigby is a very good MVNO, and since they have roaming included I would put my wife on the $12 200mb plan if she did not have the same price on Xfinity Mobile with 1GB. Twigby would charge her $15 for 1GB.
    All price plus tax ($2/line/month on Xfinity for us).

  3. Nothing new, just shell games.

  4. Once the Tmo+Sprint merger goes thru just a couple of these Mvno's will survive..the end of consumer is King.

    1. Or the begunning... Few will miss the departure of these shady fly-by-night scams. it's best to stop doing business with any of these as soon as possible. On your own time. Because rest assured when these MVNO's do go out of business, it will be in the irresponsible "PTel" style, where they refuse to tell you until the last minute and then they steal your money and your phone number.

      The customer will be better off as these scams founder, and customers end up going with prepaid service from legitimate accountable companies.

    2. After the merger is complete and 5G starts fielding we will see quite a few more MVNOs on New T-Mobile. They will want all the revenue they can get to fill up the massive 5G capacity increases. Prices will drop.

    3. But given the poor track record of the tiny fly by night MVNOs, you would still be better off going with "Metro"

  5. Been on Ting for 6 years. It uses Sprint with Verizon roaming like Twigby, but pricing is different tho still low. Main difference is their excellent service ... they are the Tucow boys, long a trusted group of computer pros.

    As for the reception, I find that you must have NOT A MOLECULE of a Sprint signal before you are switched to Verizon. Drive behind a mountain around Vegas and you have NO service whatsoever. Drive 30 miles south of Cody, WY, and you get 5-bar service FROM VERIZON! Twigby will be no different in that regard.

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