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US Mobile Announces New Plan Changes

Earlier today, US Mobile revealed that it was making important changes to its plans. Apart from launching new plans, the MVNO has also re-imagined some existing plans by improving their features and lowering the prices. In addition to these changes, US Mobile is also coming up with a referral program and customizable International Roaming plans.

In more detail, here are the changes that the MVNO announced today:

US Mobile Unlimited Plans

The MVNO has made some changes to its unlimited data plan options under Verizon's network. These changes can be seen here:

New Data Plans With 1Mbps Limited Speeds:

  • $25 per month - includes 5GB of data
  • $35 per month - includes 10GB of data
  • $40 per month - includes unlimited data

New Data Plans With 5Mbps Limited Speeds:
  • $30 per month - includes 5GB of data
  • $40 per month - includes 10GB of data
  • $45 per month - includes unlimited data

New Data Plans With No Speed Caps
  • $40 per month - includes 5GB of data
  • $50 per month - includes 10GB of data
  • $55 per month - includes unlimited data

These plans include unlimited talk and text. Mobile hotspot is available for an extra $10 per month. Taxes and fees cost extra too. 

US Mobile Custom Plans

For those who are interested in building their own plan, US Mobile is offering custom plans on both T-Mobile and Verizon's networks.

Talk Plans

40 minutes$2.50$2.50
100 minutes$3$3$3
300 minutes $5$5$5
600 minutes$6$6$6
1,000 minutes$8$8$8
2,000 minutes(not available)$10$10
4,000 minutes$9(not available)
5,000 minutes(not available)$15$15

Text Plans

40 text$1.50$1.50
100 text$2$2$2
300 text$3$3$3
500 text$6$4$4
600 text $4(not available)
1,000 text$5$5$5
2,000 text(not available)$6$6
4,000 text$7(not available)
5,000 text$9$7$7

Data Plans

100 mb$2$2$2
300 mb$5$5$5
500 mb(not available)$8$9
600 mb$8(not available)
2GB$14$16(not available)
5GB(not available)$26$28
8GB(not available)$35

Taxes and fees not included and cost extra. Mobile hotspot is available on the two networks. 

Referral Program

US Mobile has also announced that it will be launching its own referral program. If you have friends who join the MVNO using your referral link, you will get $25 off on your next bill. At the same time, your referral link will reward your friend an activation credit of $25. 

International Roaming

Lastly, US Mobile is launching its International Roaming plans:

  • 100 mb - $4
  • 300 mb - $7
  • 500 mb - $12
  • 1GB - $20

These plans cover usage across Europe, North America, and South America. 

US Mobile customers under Super LTE Unlimited plans also get free 300mb of International Roaming.

Source: US Mobile  


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  1. I wouldn't trust an MVNO with my unlimited data usage.

    Unless it becomes illegal for carriers to terminate someone's phone service without warning for any reason other than non-payment, on the grounds that doing so poses a very real public safety risk, MVNOs can and will mischaracterize legitimate use as "abuse" and use that as a justification to suspend high-use customers on a whim.

    MVNOs are ultimately a victim of lax regulation, as the stakes are too high to rely on an honor system that's already proven insufficient thanks to certain bad actors.

    All this does is steer people away when the much-needed guarantee of uninterrupted phone service is simply not there.

  2. I just left US mobile. Unless they changed it, I didn't see it in the fine print, their unlimited plans are actually 12 to 16GB (or around that) before throttling to less than 256kbps.

  3. Plus $2 per month service applies to either TMobile or Verizon plans. Just confirmed with USMobile C/S.

  4. "Taxes and fees not included and cost extra" - deal breaker for many

  5. They also dumped their unlimited text plan as an a-la-carte offering. They were a great deal for letting kids text but not have a lot of data. that value proposition is now gone. bummer. I'm dumping them as the go-to option for my teens.

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