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US Mobile Now Has 50,000 Subscribers

When US Mobile launched in 2014, it was solely a T-Mobile operating mobile virtual network operator. It became available under Verizon's network in October 2017. Since then, the company has experienced steady growth.

Earlier today, the MVNO unveiled that it has reached 50,000 unique subscribers. This is an increase from the 20,000 customers the MVNO reported back in 2016.

Despite the fact that the 50,000 count does not meet US Mobile's goal they set from last year, the company remains optimistic. According to CEO Ahmed Khattak, the business is growing and has a positive cash flow. 

Ever since its launch, the MVNO has doubled its revenue yearly. To date, the company was able to record a $300,000 figure as its recurring annual revenue during its first year in business. In 2016, this number ballooned to $2.6 million. This year, Khattak expects the MVNO to reach a revenue of between $10-$15 million.

Part of its success is due to the fact that US Mobile has its own technology stack where it no longer needs to deal with a third party to purchase MVNO enabler services. As a result, the MVNO was able to offer customizable plans to its customers.

With its steady growth, US Mobile plans to expand its business into the connected devices market. This market includes smartwatches and drones, wherein the MVNO plans to supply services to as early as next year. Additionally, the MVNO plans to expand its distribution by making itself available to retail outlets. The CEO also foresees a venture into launching postpaid options to its customers.

Source: FierceWireless  

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