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Verizon Tops New 'Best in Test' Study

There are so many different firms that conduct tests on the major US carriers regularly. These firms test the speed, coverage, and network availability of each carrier and release the results online.

Although their methodologies are sound, it can be difficult to collate data if there is already a preference for one company over the other. And in such cases, it could even be an unfair test. 

Most of the time, the US companies that conduct testing gather data from large metropolitan cities. Rural cities don't always get the representation they need to be part of the test findings. As a result, there is a huge discrepancy on how data is collected. The best way to collect data and ensure that it gets a fair representative sample is to employ off-the-shelf equipment while driving around the country. Unfortunately, this is not always how testing firms gather data. 

With the help of technology, however, it looks like crowdsourcing is the best way to gather data for a test. Not only is it effective, it is also cost-efficient for the firms. 

Thankfully, a German telecom consultancy firm has made use of this information to come up with the "Best in Test" US carrier. The company, called P3 Group, has unveiled the results of their unbiased testing to come up the carrier with the best coverage in the US. 

During June-August, P3 was able to record almost 35 billion samples from its testing algorithms that can be found on 2.3 million phones. The research group obtained this data from information integrated into over 800 apps with a 24/7 reporting.

As expected, Verizon took the overall top spot when it comes to availability, speed, and network coverage. Verizon earned an overall score of 812.2, followed by AT&T with 757.8, T-Mobile with 637, and Sprint with 610.2. 

The individual scores show the following results:

Test Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint
Coverage 438.1 373.2 263.8 233.2
Speed 106.1 84.6 96.1 102.2
Data Service Availability 268 300 277.2 274.8
Total 812.2 757.8 637.0 610.2

Even though Sprint landed on the second spot for speed, it's important to factor in that it does not have a large customer base compared to the others. The realization from this score is that Sprint's speed is capable of delivering, as long as it is available.

With regards to its coverage in rural areas, Verizon topped the charts; followed by AT&T and T-Mobile, as expected. On the measure of network availability, AT&T earned the highest score; while Verizon, surprisingly, was dead last.

Are these scores something you would expect from the four major carriers?

Source: P3 Group  

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  1. T-Mobile covers 99% of people if they are at their homes close to a window, and their data speed is only good when you're in the right places.

    This test sounds about right.

  2. Verizon best for me in SE both metro and rural coverage.

  3. Seems legit. Verizon will have you covered both indoors and outside, whether you're in a thriving city or out in the burbs.

    1. So of your city is not thriving, you're out of luck with Verizon?

  4. The results for T-Mobile and Sprint when it comes to speed are usually cooked by purposefully excluding data points where these networks are slow or don't work at all.


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